Spring time is a time to get things ready. Hubby has been spending his week getting all of our needed lawn equipment in workable order. His John Deere tractor/mower needed a few parts to update the equipment and get it in tip top condition. Hubby researched the needed parts, found them online at a cost of only $8, did the repair, did the maintenance and thankfully our John Deere has another good year in it to go. Hubby also worked on the manual lawn mower and got it in tip top running condition. If he had to hire someone to do these repairs, it would have cost hundreds. My advice is if you are going to own valuable and expensive property maintenance equipment, you had better know how to maintain it. (Note: The John Deere tractor was given to us, for free, by a neighbor who moved away. Each year hubby saves it, saves us thousands of dollars from purchasing a new one.)

At the same time, this past week, I was busy in the house doing my own maintenance chores. There were a couple of repairs that needed to be done and I had hoped hubby would do them. After a few months of neglect, I decided to take these mending chores upon myself. Granted, my repairs wouldn’t be as nice or professional as hubby’s (I’m a slob). Nonetheless, they will be done, be usable and life carries on. A lot of the fixing chores I accomplished simply needed a good bottle of glue! So, for $6.64 I bought a bottle of Gorilla Glue Gel and got to work!

The kitchen backsplash had come undone in a certain section. I must have poured half the bottle of Gorilla Glue along the edge. Regardless, the tile is back holding onto the wall and the gap has now been cured. One of the spikes in our kitchen chairs had come undone. I simply added the glue to the edge of the wood, reinserted it, held it tight for a few seconds and voila’. Chair is fixed. Hubby’s slippers had come undone and it was getting dangerous for him to wear them, especially while going up and down the basement stairs. No worries. I know I made a mess but I heavily glued back together the two inseams on both slippers and now the indoor shoes are safely wearable again.

Lastly, our RV bed comforter had come undone on the top inseam. The gap was so wide, the internal stuffing was coming out. I had priced getting a new one, as the one we were using was given to us as a gift from a good friend. Unfortunately, the design didn’t match the RV interior but hey! It was free, warm and comfy, so we have been using it for the past two years. I priced out a new comforter and at $50, this isn’t a good time for us to be spending money that we really don’t have to. So, I took out my trusty sewing kit, threaded me some white thread and actually hand stitched the open edge. It’s back on the RV bed all fixed and clean, just waiting for our next adventure.

On the home-cooking front, last week I made a big pot of lentils and had them a few times in the week. I first had them as a soup and then I had them over a new batch of jasmine rice. In any event, it saved me time and from doing a lot of cooking. Did you know the whole country of Sweden likes to have lentils once a week, preferably every Thursday? I didn’t know that either. That’s why, when I found out, I made myself a great big batch of lentils. If it’s healthy enough for the Swedes, it’s healthy enough for me!

Strawberries are coming in to season now. I’ve been making batches of strawberry preserves for myself. To every pint of strawberries, I add one cup of sugar, a tablespoon of lemon juice and boil for a few minutes. Once cooled, I put into Ball glass jars and save in the fridge. (you can do this with fresh blueberries also) The preserves are great over plain, lowfat Greek yogurt (topped with chopped walnuts for a very healthy snack). The strawberries are also fantastic over plain cake, such as pound cake or yellow cake (.85 cents per mix @Aldi) with just a touch of either whipped creme or whipped topping. Aldi had a weekly special of fresh manicotti (10 for $4.99). I bought two packages. One for now. One in the freezer for another time. They were delish. Hubby made a delicious marinara sauce, served alongside a salad, a smallish glass of wine and we made ourselves an old fashioned Sunday afternoon Italian dinner. Another night I made a risotto with peas (super delish!)

One new meal we’re keeping is fish tacos! If it were up to me, I’d have them every night….that’s how good they are. Again, I picked up some tomato Pico De Gallo at Aldi (chopped tomatoes, chili peppers, red onion and cilantro). One pound of flounder (frozen) is only $4.49 at Aldi. Topped with a special mayo/sour creme dressing, all rolled up in a whole wheat tortilla, these fish tacos are a keeper!