I was debating whether I should do my vegetable garden again this year. I spent a lot of money last year to put in raised veggie flower beds and top soil/compost ($452) into the veggie garden. The harvest was good but I still have oodles of vegetable in my freezer from last summer. We never got around to eating any of it. It was a lot of work and saved me nothing!

I was thinking this year I’d clear out the vegetable beds, once and for all, and plant perennial wildflowers instead. This way, year after year the flowers will come in to bloom. Once and done. The flowers will make beautiful bouquets, plus the birds and the bees will love them!

So, I bought this great sack of perennial wild flower seeds from Burpee and I started clearing out the flower beds.

A funny thing happened to me while I was working on clearing out the vegetable raised beds. The work was easy enough and I sort of enjoyed it. Then when I got to the herb beds, the parsley and oregano were back. It was nice to see them growing again. If I buy the veggies already started and grown, thought I, the work wouldn’t be as hard as it was last year when I started everything from seed. I would definitely grow less veggies this year than last, as none of my zucchini, squash, cantaloupes, cucumbers or watermelons proliferated. Apparently, I hung up too many wasp traps and killed off all the necessary insects needed to pollinate some of my vegetables.

Oh well. Live and learn.

If I re-planted a vegetable garden this year, I’d be all the more smarter than I was before. So, I spread my wildflower seeds in another area on my property and I think I am going to try my hand again at a vegetable garden. With the price of food increasing each and every day, who knows what financial life will look like at harvest time?

Also, last year I planted a peach tree and an apple tree and they are blooming spectacularly this spring. Lots of buds. Lots of flowers. That’ll mean lots of fruits. I really should put in a few blueberry bushes, but I still have time to think about that. I really do not want to spend a lot of money on my garden this year. My local nursery here sells already started veggies @$1.99 per packs of four. I did very well with my tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, string beans and herbs. Now, without the wasp traps, all my veggies just may have a good chance to bloom to maturity.

Here’s a shot of my peach tree:

Strawberries are in season again. I bought a few pints and made my famous strawberry preserves. They’re great over ice cream, plain Greek yogurt, pancakes and shortcakes (with whipped topping, of course!) They also freeze very well and keep for a very long time. I used to grow my own strawberries and make my own jams and preserves back in the 1970s. It felt good cooking up another batch.

This morning, I had my strawberry preserves over pancakes. After dinner, I baked a plain yellow cake (.85 cents at Aldi) poured my preserves over a slice and put a dollop of whipped creme on the top. It made the perfect strawberry shortcake combo! Spring time is looking good.

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