I need a new couch. Or at least I think I need a new couch. This past year, since we were stuck inside our house, we tended to use our living room more than I wanted to. We live in a 4 room house, that consists of an expanded kitchen and dining area, one bedroom, one office, one living room and one bathroom, so space is a commodity. Since space is at a premium in my home, I chose NOT to use our living room. I wanted at least one room in the house to always look pristine and nice. So, in the evening, we would watch TV in our bedroom. For the last twenty years, we rarely utilized our living room.

Here is a photo of my pristine, unused living room:

The pandemic lockdown, however, had my husband watching more TV than he should have. His interests in TV are different from my interests so, we split up. He started watching TV in the living room. And I remained in our bedroom watching my favorite shows. It didn’t take long for my slovenly husband to turn our pristine living room into his dumping ground. He started sleeping on the couch there, eating lunch and snacks in there, pile papers and his meds on the coffee table. I’d find his clothes in there, his underwear in there and he was making a wreck out of our very expensive, designer couch.

Here’s a photo of hubby I snatched while he was sleeping on the couch. I have absolutely no idea what the heck he was watching on that TV:

After a year of this, my couch was a wreck. I kept turning over the cushions, exchanging the positions of the cushions on my couch so that the wear and tear would happen evenly but it was useless. Hubby had turned our living room in to a flop house and I was furious. It looked like we were going to need a new, stronger couch if this behavior was going to continue. So, we did what most married couples do: we went shopping for a new couch.

A regular, single couch, similar to those listed above would limit the seating in the living room. Apparently we would need another L shaped couch if we wanted more than 4 people in our living room. Not that anybody had sat in our living room, other than my husband, for the past year. Thanks to the pandemic, we have no idea when we would invite anybody over ever again. But we looked at L shaped couches anyway.

What kind of a couch do you have now?” asked our sales person.

I have a Broyhill couch but it’s around 18 years old” was my answer.

You must have paid a lot of money for that couch!” the sales person exclaimed. “You can’t get quality like that anymore. Not even from Broyhill.

Eighteen years ago, hubby and I were rich, that is true. I always bought quality and the top of the line. So, what was I currently doing in a furniture outlet store, looking at couches that would probably fall apart in a matter of months? We did find one L shaped couch that was decent and comfy but it wasn’t living room quality. It was more like a den or family room style. And by the time they calculated shipping and delivery charges, taxes and fees, we were looking at a $2,000 price tag. The furniture store offered zero interest for 12 months, but I hesitated.

That Broyhill must have cost you a fortune” the sales person repeated. Which gave me caution and I paused. I really didn’t pay a lot of money for my Broyhill couch eighteen years ago. It was a floor model. I paid $1500 cash for it and because of its quality, it has lasted intact all these years.

I’ve changed my mind” I told the sales person. And with that, hubby and I left the showroom and drove back home.

You’re banished from flopping in the living room” I scolded my husband. “From now on, you’re back in the bedroom and will watch TV in there. We have a great couch, that has withstood the test of time and I’m going to keep my living room looking pristine and lovely“. My husband wholeheartedly agreed. We have a beautiful living room, filled with good quality stuff and he and I both decided we were going to keep it that way. Our bedroom is oversized and has ample space to accommodate both our television viewing and sleeping habits.

In any event, I’m $2,000 richer than when we started out.

Here’s hubby, back in our bedroom, watching TV from our Broyhill bedroom set. I guess eighteen years ago, it must have been a very good year for us. Broyhill Furniture Company (click here) has been in business since 1905. Their motto is : Furniture designed to live on. And on. And on. They’re absolutely right!

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