This past winter was very hard on our property. Lots of trees fell down. Lots of trees died waiting to fall down. Hubby had to do a clean sweep and cut down most of the dead trees so as not to fall on the house. It was an arduous task. One that needed help. So hubby hired a landscaper friend to help him out.

Of the trees that fell down in the winter, the team was able to safely burn them down to bare ashes. Once the snow melted, fires were banned. So, the team did their best cutting up the tree limbs, raking up the downed branches and leaves and hauling them to one side to be burned come next winter. Burning is way cheaper than running the downed trees through a rented chipper. With rental prices for a large chipper starting at about $400 a day, you can understand why most of my neighbors wait till winter to burn their fallen tree branches too.

Once the team cleared the land, rather than try to remove the tree stumps, we decided to plant a field of perennial wildflowers instead. Once the wildflowers sprout, they will create a lovely view from our front windows. The wildflowers will also cover the tree stumps and hide any other imperfections plus the flowers are good for the environment.

My peach tree and apple tree are coming in fine. This is their second year here on the property. I don’t know yet if we’ll get any fruit this year. Definitely next year. This is one project I wish I had started sooner. Hubby laid down some compost over our vegetable beds. It’s been raining steadily for the past few days so I have not been able to get to the garden and plant my veggies. We should be getting a break this Thursday. Hopefully I can plant them then and get a better head start this year than last year. Last year I didn’t plant anything till Memorial Day which meant I got a very late harvest in September.

All of our lawn equipment is very old (10-20 years). This may be their last year of operation. Hubby did a great job fixing and repairing our John Deere tractor/mower, our hand-push lawn mower and a chain saw. For all three repairs and maintenance, he spent a total of $112 on parts, oils and lubricants. That was a real money saver. BUT, come next year, we may be looking at replacing one or more pieces of our lawn equipment.

Lastly, there was a very good deal this week at Aldi on both chicken legs and chicken thighs. Both were priced at only .99 cents per pound! I bought two family-sized packages of each and then froze them in packs of either 6 or 4 pieces per freezer bag. They’ll come in handy later on in the summer when it’s Bar-B-Que time!

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