We seem to find ourselves in a bit of a quandary lately, don’t we? Statistics came out yesterday morning that inflation, as set by the Consumer Price Index, is high at 4.2% (click here). Not since 2008, twelve years ago, have we seen numbers like this. With no end in sight. It’s not anyone’s imagination that we’ve been paying more for everything and we are going to keep on paying more for everything. Once the 8:30AM news broke, the stock market took a negative 682 point dive. A dive that no one seems to be talking about.

We’re also knee deep in fluctuating gas prices. Unfortunately they’re going up in the wrong direction. First it started with the closing of the Keystone XL pipeline which led to the terrorist ransomware exploitation of the Colonial Pipeline. After only six days of the shutdown, it didn’t take too much time for long lines to start forming at several southern gas stations. Within hours, many gas stations ran out of fuel and several states, such as Florida had to declare a state of emergency. Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina had to shut down their gas stations because they were without fuel. Are we aware yet just how vulnerable we are?

Our southern border has now been shut down due to the massive influx of immigrants storming our country now that a new administration is in power. More than 21,000 “children”, mostly boys are taking turns sleeping on the floors of their crowded cages where they are being held. Where is the outrage over this? We were furious a year ago. Why aren’t we mad now? There’s talk roaming around that Uncle Joe is going to restart up building a wall. Click here.

Biden is now walking back his proclamation statement that his administration will not build border walls.

He is reportedly considering a return to construction of the southern border wall in order to fill in gaps that undocumented aliens took advantage of when construction was halted.

Smugglers send groups of illegal crossers through the gaps to overwhelm the agents. When agents leave to intercept or apprehend one group, another one dashes across.

So, we have massive inflation, disrupted fuel sources, higher food and energy prices, pounding of illegals entering our country and the threat of higher taxes looming above us…..what else can go wrong? How about a war? Israel and Gaza are in a battle with each side bombing the other side (click here).

The fighting between Israel and Hamas was triggered by days of escalating clashes between Palestinians and Israeli police at a holy hilltop compound in East Jerusalem.

Israeli bombing raids across Gaza have killed at least 35 people, including 12 children, according to Palestinian health officials, who also said 220 people have been injured, as of Tuesday evening. The Israeli military said it had killed more than 15 militants.

On Wednesday Biden said he was hopeful that a cycle of violence between Israelis and Palestinians would end soon, after a phone conversation he had with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. “My expectation and hope is this will be closing down sooner than later.”

Where do we go from here? Now that most Americans have been vaccinated, the pandemic is in our rear view mirrors and behind us. We still have over 10 million unemployed Americans who must now live in fear of having their benefits cut prematurely in June rather than September as a means for the government to get people supposedly back to work. I reckon a future of flipping burgers is better than anything else right now. Lets just hope those wages can keep up with the rising inflationary costs of food, housing and gas. From what I can gather, most of our futures aren’t looking too bright.

My favorite grocery store, Aldi, sent me this message via my FaceBook page. Does this look hopeful to you or just more of the same due to come?

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NEWSFLASH: The reason why the gas is flowing again is because Colonial paid the $5million dollar ransom! This is very bad news for all Americans. We all know we’re not supposed to pay terrorists or negotiate with them. This has now set a defeating precipice for America and all its citizens. OMFG!! Uncle Joe Biden is a very weak man and a disaster as a leader. I pray for America. We are on a steep decline. UGH!