It’s been a slow cooking week. Partly because we’ve been eating a ton of leftovers. After each meal we prepare, I take a few portions out, freeze them and save them for later. For example, we’ve been having a few taco nites this week from a batch of turkey chili I made last month but stored some in the freezer. I bought all the condiments that go with a taco: fresh pico salsa (tomatoes, red onions, fresh parsley), guacamole, shredded cheddar cheese and sour creme. A few lunches and a dinner this past week got swept up in my taco craze.

I did try one new recipe this week and that was for scalloped potatoes au gratin. I’ve been wanting to try this recipe for a long time. I thought it was going to be hard but it turned out easier than I expected. You can find the recipe by clicking here. I sliced six potatoes super thin on my mandolin cutter. In a separate pot I cooked up a rue of butter and flour, added in some milk and a half pound of shredded cheddar cheese. Combined all and poured it over the sliced potatoes in a buttered dish. I baked it, aluminum foil covered, for two hours in a 350F degree oven. The dish didn’t disappoint. It was delicious. I had it the next day for breakfast, along with two scrambled eggs and also as a side dish for a few lunches.

Another bargain I prepared this week, for breakfast, were blueberry muffins from a box mix. For under a dollar I made 12 muffins, complete with a tin of real blueberries! They were delicious AND made a great snack for later on in the day.

Also, it was another week of buying the loss leaders at some of my local grocery stores. This week I scored nitrate-free Oscar Meyer bacon for only $3.99 a 12 oz package. Chicken legs and thighs were on sale for only .99 a pound. Center cut pork chops were only $1.99 a pound. To me, any meat under $2.00 a pound is a good deal and a stock up is optional. Personally, it looks like hubby and I will be eating chicken and pork for a long time to come.

My granddaughter, for Mother’s Day, painted and gave me these two beautiful stepping stones for my garden. Thankfully the paint is water proof and has made a lovely addition on either side of my peach tree.

The deal of the week: We’ve been having a lot of fish lately (photos to follow). One of the best seasonings around IMHO for fish is Old Bay Seasoning. Before I order anything online I do a price check to see who has the lowest price. Amazon had 2.62oz @$4.27 $. WalMart had 6oz for only $3.64. This was a great score! WalMart won!

In my never ending quest to justify my purchasing white appliances for my kitchen, I’ve come over a few more current decorating trends that include white appliances in designer kitchens. I’m hoping white appliances make a comeback.

Lastly, everyone knows I have an L-shaped couch in my living room. But did you know what having an L-shaped couch in your living room says about your personality? I didn’t know before. But now I do. This describes me perfectly. Who knew?

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