Over this past weekend, hubby and I were fortunate to be invited to our first outdoor, mask-less, social event: a birthday party. It was held outside, at a local winery. ALL of the guests have been vaccinated. Those who weren’t, if they were on the winery property grounds, were advised to wear a mask if they entered any inside buildings. Outside mask wearing was optional. As you will see, the vineyard was packed with people as the winery encourages outdoor picnics and the use of their facilities, for free, over the weekends. The winery also welcomes dogs but they must always be on a leash and are not permitted inside any of the vineyard buildings. There’s always a different food truck or two every weekend, handy for those who like to buy their picnic meals rather than bring something from home.

Our day on the grounds were host to All Things Bar-B-Que and our hostess wasn’t shy when it came to pork dishes. She garnered up pork ribs, pork belly, pulled pork, pork tenderloins and a side dish of Bar-B-Que chicken wings. The food was delicious. A few sides of green beans, mixed salad, seasoned corn and mashed potatoes rounded out the meal. Everything was wonderful and it was so great to be outside, mask-less. The weather cooperated as the temps were in the low 70s. We all settled upon a table close to the lake but not too far from the tasting tent. Our host and hostess were also generous enough to provide a special wine tasting treat at the end of our party for everyone to enjoy.

I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to be outside, without a mask and in the company of so many good people. For the first time in a year and a half I was able to hug my friends! We all talked, caught up on our news, shared stories and experiences and just were happy once again to enjoy our lives and all be together. Our friend celebrated his 70th birthday. I wish him and everyone else seventy more!

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