I just found out that one of my best, best friends rented a house for the week for her first vacation after the pandemic. She’s paying $910 a night (plus tax and cleaning fees) for a 4 bedroom, 3 bath house with a heated pool, one block from the beach. In all my living years, regardless of how much money I either had or didn’t have, I would NEVER pay an amount of money like that for any kind of vacation. She’s paying over $7,000 for a weeks’ vacation. In the off-season. I can only imagine what the price would be in-season.

There’s been a lot of hype out there, now due to inflation, on who and how anyone can get the least price on the best item. Blogs and YouTube channels are touting ’50 Dinners For Under $100′, ‘The .32 Cent Lunch’. ’10 Things I No Longer Buy’. ‘5 Things I Do Still Buy’……….It’s enough to make any frugalista sick. This isn’t a contest, people. This is real life. Either you live within your means or you don’t. I have no respect for anyone who pay’s over $7,000 for a week’s vacation. And I have no respect for anyone who eats a 32 cent lunch. These people are extremists and as far as I am concerned, don’t live in reality. They don’t impress me much.

Frugality to me is all about getting the proper value for your money. It’s living within your means and living within your stature. It’s about putting on blinders and living your best life, now. It’s about NOT caring what the other person is or isn’t doing. It’s about doing what is right and just for you and your family. It’s about having intelligence and the foresight to manage your life and your money with courage and fortitude. Whatever it is, it certainly isn’t a contest to see how much you can spend or how little you can spend.

I never heard of keeping up with the Frugal Jones’s……..did you?

If there’s a competition going on to see who is the frugalist, I’m bowing out of the competition. That is not what I am all about. Neither should you be. Who cares who gets the best price or eats for less? Who cares who pays the most or gets the best? If there’s a frugal war going on out there, I’m on neutral territory. I am not playing in any frugal war games. Besides, if you come in first, what do you win? Money? A 32 cent lunch? No thanks.

I want to enjoy my life. Not fret over it. Haven’t we learned anything from the pandemic? Life can be short. Very short. How do you want to spend it? (no pun intended) The frugal philosophy is more about having it all … than it is about hardship or settling for less. Salute the new day and start afresh.

Photo by Min An on Pexels.com

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