If you own a home, this is the perfect time to sell. But have you looked at the housing crisis in America right now? If my intention is to sell my home for a high price and downsize to a less expensive home in retirement, I just may be out of luck. Seems like almost everyone else has the same goal as I have. Only one problem: there are either no other homes to buy or the prices are so outlandish it doesn’t pay to sell my home anymore and move.

That’s the conundrum I find myself in now. I never had any intention of living my retirement years in the least friendly state amicable to retirement, New York. Yet, here I am. Missing the boat yet once again. I could sell my house easily but the places I had on my go-to retirement list have very few available listings. I might find myself without a home should I decide to sell at this time. Practically every single home I desire has either been sold, has a sale pending, is in contingency or either over priced or just too shabby to even purchase.

My only option right now is to stay where I am and be ever so thankful and grateful I even have a home! This means I have to contend with the high taxes and declining standard of living the state of New York sadly is offering right now to retirees. And I thought the pandemic was bad? This is worse. I’m trapped.

To be honest, New York does offer homeowners over the age of 65 a break in their property taxes. Also, if you have an income under a certain level, you will get another property tax break, so it’s not ALL bad. To be even more honest, if you’re broke and poor, New York is the place to be as it has many, many benefits for those who fit into that category. Many can get free food stamps, free family health care and a home heating subsidy should they apply. These benefits were available because New York had a strong influx of the rich and famous living here who paid all sorts of ‘respectable’ taxes. Not so any more. The policies of the two reigning politicians in charge drove many rich and famous away with their higher taxes and outrageous, dumb laws. But that’s not for me to concern myself about. I have to worry about my own rate of survival and not deal with politics.

None of their lax laws affect me. Thank goodness for small miracles. I don’t live in the city. I live in the mountains and we rock to a different set of laws and regulations. Unless you’re old and feeble, which is a big fear of mine, you DON’T want to age in a retirement nursing home in New York. For reasons that are self evident: Governor Cuomo, who is now under investigation, killed over 15,000 elderly (and then lied and tried to cover the deaths up) by putting into law the requirement that covid-19 patients be sent back into nursing homes (thus infecting and killing thousands and thousands of elderly residents and their respective staff) Click here for the facts.

Nope. New York is NOT the place to be anymore regardless of how lenient their laws are for those over the age of 65.

To be again, perfectly honest and fair, Governor Cuomo, before he went insane, did pour billions of dollars into upstate New York by fixing up ALL the state parks. I guess he knew tourism would be beneficial to the upstate economy. So, he revitalized all the hiking trails, revamped all the state parks, upgraded the bathrooms, lakes, state pool areas as well as the state camping areas. I must say that every single state park we have now visited since the Cuomo renovations have been amazing. With newly marked hiking trails, clean and efficient state facilities, as well as impeccable and enjoyable camping state parks, it has been an outdoor wonderland here in upstate New York (where we live). Ski resorts have been brought back to prime as well as lake resorts in any of the Catskill or Adirondack mountain regions.

Thank goodness, also, that hubby and I have our little RV. We’ve been able to enjoy these new fruits of upstate New York as well as travel to different states in search of a better retirement community to call our new home. I have no idea if we’ll ever find anything better because sooner or later almost every other state falls the way New York has. Sometimes it just might be better to stand your own ground. Just make sure you have a protective, younger family watching over you because I’d never want to die at the hands of some politician passing a law that might end my elderly life.

We elect these politicians to rule fair and equitably over us and then they disappoint.

In the interim, we’ll keep looking, hoping and praying we truly enjoy the rest of our Golden Years, alive and well.

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