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How I stay wealthy, healthy and wise. Read on:

During these high inflationary times, brand or store loyalty is a thing of the past. Cost first is the name of the game. Then comes quality. We all have to start shopping price regardless of who sells it. So, on that note I have to announce that Aldi is no longer my go-to supermarket anymore. I’m finding out that by shopping grocery store loss leader sales, I can get what I need at a much lower price. As of this writing, however, Aldi still has the best deals on necessities such as eggs, milk and bread so I will continue to buy those at Aldi. As for anything else, it’s an open market.

I found some great loss leader deals on coffee, tuna fish, olives, laundry detergent, uncured bacon and some other necessities at Shop Rite. The original cost for the 30 items I purchased was $94.52. Thanks to digital coupons I saved $23.54 bringing the total down to $70.88. That’s a savings of 25%!! A copy of my receipt is posted below. Also, I received in the mail a $25 coupon off shoes from DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse). This was a fantastic deal as I much needed shoes for this summer but didn’t really have the money right now to spend for full price. I used the gift card and bought a pair of $44.99 orthopedic flip flops (great for walking) for only $19.99. I did rummage through their clearance center and found a much needed, slip on walking sneaker from Easy Spirit for 30% off. I noted to the sales clerk that the shoe looked a bit dirty, so they cleaned them up and gave me another 10% off, Final Sale. So, I bought $109.17 worth of shoes for only $60.09, saving $49.08. That’s a 45% savings.

Hubby needed some ant traps for the RV. Ants always invade RVs. He bought the Terro Liquid Ant Killer at our local hardware store for 50% off. Original price for two packs came to $15.98. He only paid $6.95, saving $9.03 for a 57% total savings.

The month didn’t end with these bargains. Hubby got a coupon for $15 off from our dog’s tick medicine. We got the fifteen dollars back on a gift card, that we can use anywhere. I had enough saved rewards tallied off our main credit card that I was able to get four (4) gift cards at $10 each from iHop, Dunkin’, Panera and Cracker Barrel. I got an offer from Home Depot that if we went paperless we’d get a $5.00 credit off our next bill. Score! I got another annual offer in the mail from our county. Once a year they sponsor a free picnic lunch for seniors, valued at $8 per person (BBQ chicken, corn on the cob, salad and a dessert). We qualified for two lunches so that’s a $16 value. Plus we always have a great time meeting all our co-senior neighbors!

Hubby’s five year old iPad’s screen cracked. He ordered a replacement screen for $22 but the repair was a bust. We got the $22 refunded but hubby needed a new iPad. I love the iPads because they are only $325 each and work just as well as a $1,100 laptop computer IMHO (In My Honest Opinion). I put the $325 (plus tax) iPad cost on a zero interest credit card and paid it off in three months. As a thank-you, Apple sent us a $25 gift card which I used to buy one of Apple’s new products: an Air Tag. You can use it to track your keys or your luggage. We’re using it to track our puppy. Original cost is $45, with our $25 gift card, our bottom line was $20.

Lastly, our twenty year old dryer died the other day. I’ve been telling hubby we need to replace both our washer and dryer simply because they are twenty years old. Hubby is a staunch believer that if it still works, then keep on using it. He took the dryer apart and found out a fuse blew. The price of the part, from Amazon is only $9.87.

If we had called in a repair person, the initial visit would have been $165 just to walk in the front door. We all know the repair company would charge way more than the $9.87 part, plus labor. A repair such as this could have easily been over $300. When you DIY (Do It Yourself) as we always do, the savings can be dramatic! I would say, doing it ourselves over all of these years has been our best savings trick yet!

So, what does hubby, puppy and I do with all our much saved money and free time? We go to the (free) beach, of course and take in the beauty of it all. Life is good!

Here’s a shot I took of our puppy’s first day at the beach. Temps this week have been in the surprisingly 80F degree range. Apparently, our puppy was awed by it all as much as hubby and I are. Saving cash helps keep us wealthy, healthy and very wise.

To help start off our summer, I bought myself a much needed bathing suit (I buy one bathing suit every two years. This was the year.) I usually buy clothes at the discount chain, Marshall’s. They didn’t disappoint. I bought a $98 Ann Cole suit for only $24.99. That’s a savings of $73.01 that I didn’t have to spend. Instead, I used that money saved to buy a summer’s worth of wine. What summer would be complete without a caseload of wine? Yes, I bought 7 bottles of Italian wines at a discount (plus I stock up on reward points too!). We only drink Italian wines since we know the regions where these wines come from. Montepulciano is a very good mountain region in Italy as well as the sangiovese grape. This summer I want to celebrate a bit more than usual, so I bought three bottles of Italian champagne, prosecco, which is also a good choice for Sunday brunch and bellinis. I saved $9.92 (plus I earn points towards the next purchase). The four liter bottle of Carlo Rossi Cabernet Sauvignon, we use in wine spritzers. A quarter glass of vino topped off with zero calorie, grapefruit flavored seltzer makes the perfect summer drink (IMHO). Oh and BTW, after I tried on a few bathing suits, I went on a diet. I’m on Weight Watchers (WW, for short) and no! I didn’t pay a dime to go on the plan ($21 a month!). I simply filled out their questionnaire, found out I should be on their new ‘Blue” plan and can consume 23 points a day. I downloaded WW point system, for free, by clicking here. Simply put in a zero (0) for the price and you can download the 20 page document, for free!!! (printed on both sides, so as to save paper and money)

Wealthy, healthy and very wise, indeed!

I may be frugal, but I certainly live very well. (Making me realize that the only way I can live so well is because I am so frugal!)