It doesn’t take any money to go for a walk inside a garden. One such free garden can be found on the Vanderbilt Estate located in Hyde Park, NY. There’s a fee if you want to tour the mansion but if you just want to walk along the property and take in the Hudson River views or stroll through the rose garden, that’s all free. Which is exactly what the husband, puppy and I did this weekend. We crossed over an expansive lawn in front of the Mansion and made our way to the lush gardens still being kept up by a team of volunteers and the NY State Park authorities.

The garden has a lush pond, plenty of statues, lots of lush greenery and an expansive rose garden. There’s even a section of waterfalls when you follow the path alongside the exterior of the garden. In any event, it was a wonderful two hour walk (over 2 miles) and a relaxing and free way to spend on a Sunday afternoon.