As the blank photo shows, I bought nothing. Absolutely nothing. I don’t need anything. I don’t want anything. I’ve no reason to spend any money simply because something goes on sale. Instead, I went about my usual business today and did my weekly necessity-only grocery shopping. I came across this neat discovery of saving a bit of money when it came to chopped turkey and turkey burgers.

I started buying these pre-made turkey burgers from Jennie-O a few weeks ago. They cost $3.49 per 16 ounce package (one pound) and I get four burgers. There’s no doubt the burgers are delicious. But do I really need someone else to form my burgers for me? Regular fresh, chopped turkey meat cost $3.69 a pound BUT I came across this frozen roll of chopped turkey meat for only $1.89 for a pound (16 ounces). The ratio of lean meat to fat is a bit different (higher fat to lean meat) but when you cook a burger on the grill, doesn’t the fat drip out anyway? And isn’t it true when it comes to burgers, any kind of burger, the more fat the better it tastes? So, I bought a frozen roll and tried it out. Delish!

We’ll be getting the frozen roll, chopped turkey meat from here on in. Should make a good base for tacos and meatloaf. I’ll let you know!

Here’s a the latest inflation score card on groceries. I did notice that the prices I paid Aldi for fresh, in-season vegetables (such as eggplant, watermelon and peppers) are starting to get a bit higher than the previous weeks. Staples such as milk, eggs and a loaf of regular bread are still holding steady. It gives me pause that my vegetable garden may be coming in super handy this growing season. Ugh!

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