When I woke up on July 4th, 2021 I knew I was waking up in a new America. Unfortunately, not for the better. Many of the firework displays were canceled due to the inability of the counties to prepare for the sacred event in sufficient time. Really? Or perhaps no one truly wanted to celebrate what America has become?

Over the holiday weekend there were 540 shootings, of which 189 people were killed and 516 were injured in just 72 hours. Instead of shooting off fireworks, we’re shooting each other? If this is the new America, one filled with hatred, anger and mistrust, you can keep it. I want no part of it. This is not the America I had envisioned in my mind from past experiences. This is a whole new, divisive America that more and more people want to forget.

I stopped watching the news months and months ago. Why watch or listen to it? It’s all lies anyway. They’re not telling any of us the truth. Look around you. What do your own eyes and ears tell you? People are getting poorer and poorer with each passing minute. That’s the reality. I don’t engage in social media anymore. Tik Tok to me is what a clock does. I think people have become boorish and rude. If I see one more “fake happy” party event on Facebook I think I will scream.

Life in America is hard right now. And getting harder by the hour. Each and every single one of us have been through a horrific pandemic experience. It may take years before we realize what has happened to all of us. Many of us have lost loved one (me included) and we’re not going to get over our loss. Many of us have lost jobs that are never coming back (my husband included). Many of us are discovering the perils of inflation and how we are being deceived by both the government and product and service suppliers. Just this past week, it was uncovered how General Mills shelved all their previous products and repacked them in more concise, larger containment and yet will be charging the same price (for less) if not more in the very near future.

What kind of fools do they take us for?

I am finding it more and more difficult each day to come on my blog and post something positive. I just can’t do it anymore because it isn’t the truth of how I feel. Realistically, I’m depressed. I know what’s coming up ahead and I just don’t want to do it anymore. I was stockpiling food because I thought I would need it to get through this pandemic. Turns out my stockpile is going to become a much-needed resource to get us through this inflationary period. Which BTW, will never see prices come down any time soon, if at all.

Over the holiday, my family ( a party of 4 and 1 grandchild) stopped in a quaint restaurant for lunch. We ordered two pizzas (13″) and two salads for all of us to split. Two beers for the guys. Two coffees for the ladies. The bill came to $104. Before the tip. We stopped afterwards at a newly opened brewery and had one beer sampler and one glass of beer. That bill came to $64. Sorry guys, but these prices are outrageous. The food looked and tasted great but the costs made this outing the last of its kind for a while.

Say goodbye to our old lifestyle. Welcome to the new America. A land quickly becoming the land of the haves and the have-nots.