Did you know that thrifting can be a lot of fun? The thrill of the hunt makes it a fun, exciting and an enjoyable activity, according to Elite Daily (click here). Thrifting offers much more than a regular shopping experience. It’s known to reduce anxiety (it’s quite calming to explore a newly restocked thrift store) and the unique and beautiful items you find give you a sense of accomplishment at the end. Thrift shopping is incredibly rewarding. Thrift store shopping is also a great way to save money. Or make money, should you decide to resell whatever great vintage piece you have found.

Hubby and I just had the most glorious adventure thrift shopping the other day. We had purged our own closets and collected what we no longer wanted, needed or fit. And after we donated our said items we went on a thrifting quest. Hubby needed some “new” clothes for the summer. I just wanted to relax, browse and collect whatever it would be that caught my fancy. Neither one of us were disappointed.

Thrifting is a great way to score designer duds that you couldn’t possibly afford retail. You’re not, however, limited to just clothing. Thrifting can also help spruce up your home decor as well as adorn you in funky jewelry finds.

First we scoured through Goodwill. Then we were off to The Salvation Army. We each scored a treasure in either locations. You have to remember that shopping in any of these thrift retailers is guilt free. Not only are you helping yourself to some great, low cost precious commodity but you are also helping the environment.

You’re reducing your carbon footprint and meanwhile several of the thrift stores you shop at are donating a portion of revenue to local charities. The Salvation Army, for example, helped over 30 million underprivileged Americans in need last year.

First up: hubby found a great, super expensive polo shirt from Nautica’s True Deck shirt collection. Retail value: $59.50 (click here). Salvation Army price: $4.99. Hubby did so well with the shirt that he continued to look through the racks until he found a matching Nautica pair of khaki shorts. Retail value: $55 (click here). Salvation Army price: $4.99. So, for only $10 hubby bought himself the perfect summer outfit to wear at an upcoming sailing adventure he has planned in August. Good job!

Once hubby got his ‘newish’ clothes home, he washed them and voila’ Good as perfect.

I didn’t find much in clothing this time around BUT I did find two super Pyrex pieces to add to my own personal collection. I love Pyrex. Lately I’ve been seeing these pieces priced at Flea Markets in the hundreds of dollars! Today I scored a large bowl for $10 and a smaller blue bowl for $8. I have no intention of re-selling these items because believe it or not, I actually use my Pyrex finds. Once they go through the dishwasher I put them to good kitchen use. The large bowl I can use as a serving dish. The blue one I will reserve as a mixing bowl.

Lastly, as with any great day of shopping (hubby and I had a lot of fun this afternoon!) we wanted to go “out” for lunch. We don’t do restaurants but we did find a great food truck selling authentic Indian food. The establishment got a good rating on the net, so we thought we would give it a try. Hubby had a chicken gyro for $6 and I had a veggie samosa for only $2. So, for the grand total of $8 we sat and had a lovely, inexpensive and very delicious meal alongside this quaint Indian food truck. I don’t have any pics of our food but I did capture the truck.

My $2 lunch: veggie samosa with hot sauce. Delish!

We spent a total of $36 on our adventurous day out thrifting. Thrifting is more fun and more rewarding than you can imagine, which is why if you haven’t been doing it, you need to start.

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