Prices due to inflation going up? We’re fighting it by bringing our costs down. Our investments are only earning a steady 3%. With prices exceeding 10% to 15% annually (gas is up 54%) there really isn’t much else we can do. No Wall Street investment is going to help us out now.

So what did we do this week to save ourselves some money?

1st. Hubby has mastered cutting not only his own hair (for the past 5 years) but has now mastered mine. Granted, it’s a pixie cut, which is perfect for the summer (and I always got this cut anyway) but if this hyperinflation continues, looks like I will always be under hubby’s buzz cutting equipment. Money saved: $29 (included tip) every six weeks equals an annual savings of $261.

2nd. I finally mastered giving my doggie a bath, a hair cut, nail clippings and a face cut (to get the hair out of her eyes. To pay a groomer to do all of this work is super expensive. Especially for a doggie that only weighs 11 lbs. Money saved: $80. Every 4 to 6 weeks equals an annual savings of $800.

3rd. Finally lowered my food bill by $50 a month. I did this by finally using up some stockpiled foods. Now that the pandemic is make-believe-over (not really) I loosened up the purse strings a bit and am now utilizing my food hoard. Money saved: $50. If I can keep this up for the year, I will have saved annually $600.

4th. My garden is starting to produce edible vegetables. This week, as I let my pea pods mature, I was able to harvest a pot load of fresh peas. Hubby made one of our favorite, original frugal dishes: pasta and peas. I had mine plain (angel hair pasta with sauteed peas/garlic/olive oil & parmesean cheese). Hubby went one step further and combined fresh spinach leaves from our garden in his dish. Money saved: $40 per dual meal, based on local Italian restaurant menus. Since this is a seasonal dish, we got 4 meals out of the harvest. Total money saved: $160.

5th. We’re still sticking to Meatless Monday. This week I made fresh hummus from scratch and fried up some fallafel. I made everything from real chick peas ($1.32 for a pound). I soaked the chick peas overnight and then boiled them up in our own chicken broth for consumption. I had some Naan bread (toaster size) in our freezer which we warmed up in our toaster. I had some left over pico d’gallo (tomatoes, red onion, peppers and fresh parsley) from last weeks Meatless Monday taco night, which I tossed onto sliced cucumbers. If we were to go to our local vegetarian restaurant, this plated meal would cost $15. I made two this week, as I make two every week (different vegetarian selections). Money saved: $30. Over the year, weekly Meatless Mondays save us $1,560.

6th. I’m using every last drop of every single thing we use. Period! I have no idea how much money this saves me BUT it does cut down on overordering or overbuying the products. In these two instances, I’m saving BBQ sauce and my beloved Oil of Olay. Let’s say it cuts down on buying 1 more bottle of BBQ sauce ($3.49) and 1 more bottle of Oil of Olay ($6.95) that’s an annual savings of approximately $10. Better in MY pocket than anyone else’s.

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