At $80 (plus tips) a cut, I had to learn very quickly how to groom my own Matipoo (half Maltese and half toy poodle). Thanks to YouTube, I found a person who patiently explained how she keeps her own Maltese in tip top looking shape. For the price of just one professional groom, I was able to buy an adjustable grooming table, a professional electric/battery buzz cutter, a few safety scissors (two), a comb and a brush all from Amazon.

At first I was very hesitant to cut my little doggie’s hair but I am getting better at it with each passing clip. During the cooler months, doggie would need a cut every six to four weeks. Now, with the hot summer months, I seem to be trimming my doggie’s coat every two weeks. If I were still reliant on a professional groomer, I would have spent a lot of money by now! Self grooming your own dog not only saves you a ton of money, it also keeps your doggie safe. Lots of horror stories lately coming out of dog grooming parlors. A dog groomer doesn’t need a license so A LOT of things can go wrong. One horrible example would be death. Many of these little doggies weigh under 15 or 20 pounds and can be harmed quite easily if the handler doesn’t know what they are doing.

If you plan on grooming your dog yourself, I highly recommend you get the proper tools to do so. They sell electric/battery hair clippers for pets that are super silent so as not to frighten your dog. I also recommend getting a grooming table. I bought the exact same one the woman in the below video used for her Maltese and it has been very helpful. The circle spins for easy all-around reach of your doggie. It has a loose neck holder to safely keep your pet in place. I NEVER take one of my hands off my doggie. I have a hold on her at all times. I also NEVER leave my doggie unattended. I stay right by her side at all times.

Best advice: walk or play with your doggie before you groom. This way they are all tuckered out and more inclined to stay still while you groom them.

Here’s the before shot of my little doggie. She looks so sad. Doggie just needed to get a little trim during these hot summer days, plus I felt she looked a little haggard and could use a bit of sprucing up. Note the doggie round, spinning grooming table with adjustable neck brace. I placed the grooming stand on top of my kitchen counter BUT I laid down a hair cutting cape first to catch the hair droppings and keep my kitchen free of dog hair.

Here’s the after shot. My little doggie definitely felt cooler and had more energy. Look at that smile on her face! Plus you can see her eyes! I still have to trim her nails but I think she had enough for today. Tomorrow is another (grooming) day! Each time I self-groom my doggie, I mentally make a note that I have saved at least $80 plus a $10 to $8 tip!!!! I long passed the ROI (Return On Investment) when I tally up what I spent on grooming products vs the grooming costs from a professional.

Here’s the video that started it all for me:

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