I think spending so much time at home forces a person to get organized. For years I placed my mops and brooms alongside the basement stairs only to have them fall down numerous times because they weren’t secure. After losing an expensive mop head I decided I had to get my wicked brooms in order. This little stainless steel bracket will hold several cleaning tools easily and can either be nailed into a wall or attached to a wall via two self sticking strips (included in the sale). I paid less than $10 for the whole thing and it took hubby mere minutes to get it securely nailed into the side wall leading down to our basement. What took me so long to get my organizational skills in order, I’ll never know!

Next up, I was sick and tired of rummaging through my mid-sized fridge looking for the perfect condiment. Besides, my back hurt from peering into my fridge while I found what I was looking for. A simple round-about Lazy Susan did the trick! Again, for less than $10 I can now access whatever condiment or pickle jar I want in a few seconds flat. Again, what took me so long?

Lastly, I have no cure yet for folding laundry. Hubby does the wash every few days and then dumps the laundry basket of cleaned clothes on our bed waiting for me to fold it and put it away. This photo is just of our whites. Our multi-colored clothes pile is much higher! I don’t think there is a $10 tool for this BUT I am amicable to one day buying a robot who can do this chore for me. Until then, I fold and put away.

We didn’t do much cooking this past week. We did a lot of sandwich making for both lunch and dinner (roasted red peppers, Greek fig dressing and sliced mozzarella cheese on a French baguette). An occasional salad with grilled chicken breast. One evening we broke down and bought flatbread to make pizza (topped with veggies). Another evening we just ate ears and ears of corn on the cob (straight from the farm). Hubby did grill some salmon which I served with a side of store bought mango salsa. The weather has just been too hot and humid to accomplish anything more.

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