If inflation is going to take us back to the 1970s, we might as well enjoy ourselves. Here’s a little hint to keep restaurant meal prices down. When you first visit a McDonald’s they give you a receipt. Save that receipt! At the top of the receipt, if you fill out a little online survey, McDonald’s give you a promo code entitling you to any free sandwich when you buy one. This great deal includes McDonald’s new crispy chicken sandwich (delish!) If you order the deluxe, you get lettuce, tomato and mayo. To me, that makes it almost like a full meal! Also, if you download the new McDonald’s app on your smart phone, you get free food with no purchase necessary. Today’s free food item was an order of large fries! So, for the price of just one crispy chicken sandwich, $5.89, we got an additional sandwich and an order of free large fries (value $15.17 plus tax).