In this era of pain and distraught, we all need to find a space that makes us feel safe and at peace. Perhaps it’s some place inside your home or at a park or some area in nature. Wherever it is, please make sure you go there as much as you can. We all need to escape whatever this world is tossing at us. For me? I found this happy place along the river. A simple white birch tree. A simple picnic table. But a view that is beyond compare. Just thinking about this place calms me. It clears my mind so that I can think without distraction. Best place to go and make a decision.

I stumbled upon this hidden park (to me). It’s a quaint walk alongside the Hudson River dotted with picnic tables to enjoy an impromptu lunch or early dinner al fresco. There’s even a public trolley car passing by every hour. In the distance you can see a lighthouse and the moorings of many, many yachts. Enjoy these photos as much as I enjoy this free park.