We’re finally going to have a vacation at the beach. Finally! We’ve packed up our boogie boards, loaded up the RV with enough supplies to last the ten days and to heck with everything else. Because it was a last minute booking, we could only get a site that had electricity and water only. No sewer. UGH! The price for our vacation in paradise came to $1,239.24 ($124 a night). But I kept looking and looking and praying for a cancellation and my prayers were answered. We got a booking at a site, closer to the beach AND a full hook up (water, electricity and sewer) for $47.70 less. $1,191.54 ($119 a night). It’s not much of a savings but it’s enough for a full tank of gas!

I read last week that beef prices have come down 11%. I guess that’s because no one is buying beef lately and the stores are overstocked. Maybe? Anyway, our local Shop Rite put NY Strip Steaks (our ultimate favorite cut of beef) on sale at $8.99 a pound. If you used your loyalty card, the price of the steaks came down another $2.00 a pound resulting in a final price of $6.99 a pound! I bought six steaks, packed in threes for $22.74 and $22.48 respectively. I got $5.00 and $5.06 off each package. So, I bought six steaks priced at $45.22 for only $35.16. That’s a savings of $10.06. Each steak came to only $5.86 weighing just slightly under a full pound. If we had gone out for a steak dinner today it would cost $40 per person (which we would never do anyway).

I also picked up a six pack of center-cut pork chops for only $1.99 a pound. When I got home, I separated all the meats into meals: two steaks per meal and three pork chops per meal (hubby can eat two. I only can eat one pork chop).

On the home cooking front, I really haven’t cooked that much this past week. First off, it’s been just too hot with temps in the mid 90sF. I did make a batch of zucchini pancakes because we just have so much zucchini from the garden and I didn’t want it to go to waste. The recipe is easy (shredded zucchini, minced scallions, 2 eggs, 1 cup flour, teaspoon of baking powder, salt & pepper to taste), formed into flat patties and sauteed in a little bit of vegetable oil. Next time I am going to add some grated Parmesan cheese. They were delicious!

This Sunday morning, hubby made his usual frittata. We had some leftover sausage and 3 half-slices of bacon, which hubby included with 6 beaten eggs, and feta cheese. We made BLT sandwiches this week now that our tomatoes are in season. No photos of the sandwiches as we scoffed them down before I could reach for my camera. But you get the idea.

Lastly, everybody is talking about “shrinkflation”. Well, it’s clearly visible in our grocery stores today. We now have to pay attention to how many ounces we get per can, box or package. Forget about price. The food manufacturers are ripping us off something fierce. Coffee used to come in cans of 11 ounces. Today, look closely. Some cans are 10.3 ounces. Some cans are only 9.6 ounces. And they are charging us the same price as 11 ounces.

What is the reason for shrinkflation?

Higher production costs

Rising production costs are generally the primary cause of shrinkflation. Increases in the cost of ingredients or raw materials, energy commodities, and labor increase production costs and subsequently diminish the profit margins. The three main profit margin metrics of producers.

I also saw a lot of signs in the store like this:

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UPDATE: I was able to take some photos of tonight’s dinner, featuring those steaks. I served it with German style potato salad (boiled red potatoes, scallions, fresh parsley, apple cider vinegar, olive oil and little bits of leftover-breakfast real bacon, salt & pepper to taste), fresh green Greek salad and an old-fashioned American New York strip steak, grilled (mine has all the extra McCormick steak seasoning). Note: we only eat beef once per month! The rest of the time it’s usually, turkey, chicken, occasionally pork and vegetarian a few times per week.