They’ve already announced it, yet there’s no proof to back it up. Yet. (click here) But future attacks on American soil is going to be inevitable. In effect, we Americans are doomed. We’re being attacked now on all sides whether man-made or via a virus. In these past 7 months, in addition to our worrying about the Coronavirus and the Delta Variant, we’ve had to endure gas shortages, food shortages, money shortages, gang wars on our streets, high inflation, border insecurity, unemployment, lying and corrupt politicians, our police forces have been defunded and partially eliminated meaning we have less security to protect us. Massive evictions are right around the corner thus increasing the homeless on our streets. No wonder the politicians want to legalize marijuana. That’s how we got through the Viet Nam war. We were all stoned so we didn’t give a sh**t!

If you voted for Joe Biden, this is what you have brought on to America:

I want you to take a good look at the above photo. It’s a shocking photo of the first airflight out of Kabul, Afghanistan. How many women (and female children) do you see in this photo? How many women have you seen on the ground waiting to catch the next plane out of Kabul? Not many, as most of them have already been either killed, beaten or forced into marriages with the Taliban (which means these 11 and 12 year old young girls have been raped) Women have been forced to get back inside the hijab, covering both their hair and their bodies. Women/girls schools have been closed and burned down. Any woman who held a job has been ordered to quit and send a man in their place. To the Democratic party, who’s chant to glory has been they are the party of protecting, defending and supporting women’s rights, where the heck are you? Where are the spokeswomen to the #MeToo Movement? The #TimesUp Movement?

When the Taliban strike America next it’s not going to be with airplanes or firearms. It’s going to be nuclear. It doesn’t take a genius to figure this stuff out. I wouldn’t be surprised if they use chemical warfare this time around or hit us with a newly invented super virus. Or maybe they’ll be like the current Taliban who waited 20 years for us Americans to collapse and fail due to our poor leadership and they will wait for all of America to just putter out in defeat? Biden has only been in office for 7 months. We have 41 more months to go till he is gone. What do you think our lives will be like in the next 3.5 years???? Or better yet, tomorrow or next week? Terrorism has returned with a vengeance to our American shores. We no longer have border security. I wouldn’t doubt that Al Qaeda is already here.

The only thing I can recommend right now is for all of us to make ourselves as independent as possible. Get off of the grid as much as possible and make yourself as self-reliant as you can. Stock up. Beef up. Secure up. Get vaccinated. Get the booster shot if you qualify for it. And pray. That’s about all we Americans can do right now.