This summer, my husband and I planted perennial wildflowers in a new field he created right outside our front windows. Much to my surprise the wildflowers grew and grew but one color was missing. There was no red in the patch. Turns out, the deer on our property loved the red wildflowers and ate them all. Nonetheless, the yellows, whites and purples are just as pleasing.

Why do people plant wildflowers (other than they are beautiful)? Wildflowers provide critical habitat for pollinators, and are beneficial to insects and wildlife, which is important for ecosystem function and pollination. Wildflowers can improve soil health, prevent erosion, improve water quality, increase yields and enhance forage conditions for livestock. In most cultures around the world, the wildflower represents joy. Those are obviously the wildflowers that have a lot of color and “jump” off the skin more than others. Someone who gets or plants a wildflower garden may either want joy in their lives or he/she is a positive person.

Well, I wanted more joy in my life and the wildflowers didn’t disappoint. They’re a joy to behold as I look out my front window and glance across our field of wildflowers. They are lovely to look at and guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Making your garden more nature friendly will create a safe space for wildlife as well, such as; insects, frogs, butterflies, bees, birds, hedgehogs and much more. A lot has been said about wildlife conservation and how our modern landscape is becoming less and less hospitable to the animals and insects we rarely see. Granted yes, when I was taking these photos I saw a lot of little frogs hopping about as well as grasshoppers, butterflies and a few bees buzzing around.

Wildflower gardens are so popular now there’s a website dedicated to viewing these gardens all over the United States. Click here for more info.

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