If you’ve taken a vacation this past summer or are planning one for the end of summer, you know how expensive traveling has become. That’s if you can even travel anymore due to the pandemic. I’m hearing rumors that more and more restrictions are being placed on vacationers as the delta variant rages through our country.

Dave Ramsey used to frown on RV purchases. Ramsey claimed RVs were a depreciating asset. Worse than a car. Ramsey claimed RVs lose 80% of their value in 3 years. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Not any more. Thanks to Covid-19, prices for an RV have risen and stayed there! RVs are in such demand, production can’t keep up with the orders. Many are on backorder. Renting an RV would cost you about $300 a day (plus the price of the RV park you finally settle in). You may be safer from the virus in an RV but you won’t be any richer from the experience.

While hotel rooms can cost anywhere upwards of $250 a night to $700, resort RV locations are catching on to the bandwagon. I’ve found a few RV luxury locations to charge $225 a night! That’s insane since most RV places used to charge between $35 and $50 a night! Yet, there’s still RV bargains to be had if you just look hard enough. Competition for either state or federal campsites is keen. A fast computer with corresponding high speed internet connections seem to be the prerequisite for scoring an RV camp site!

After much trepidation, hubby and I settled on a beachfront location far from the maddening crowd and in almost near isolation along the Atlantic Ocean. If you think RVing is easy. Think again. It took us 4 excruciating hard days of cleaning, working, shopping, stockpiling, loading, unloading, stacking and re-stacking to get ourselves road ready in our own RV. And another 2 days to get to our location.

The only thing that kept us going and on track was that beach image. RVing is a lot of work. We do it mainly because in the end, it really does save us a lot of money PLUS we get to go to so many interesting places. Once you get back home and settle back in to your routine, the pain of RVing goes away and all you remember are the good times and the warm memories.

Personally, I think I’m getting just a bit too old for the dang thing!

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