We are not frugal. We’re not thrifty. We don’t buy other peoples clothes. We buy new, top-quality, on sale clothes. We don’t buy other peoples furniture. We buy new, discounted styles or floor models. We don’t eat poverty era style food. We buy top ingredients at discount chains and we don’t scrimp or substitute ingredients.

From the house that we live in, the clothes we put on our back, to the car that we drive, to the food we put on the table, all top shelf at bottom shelf prices.

We live affordable. We live at our means. No debt. No mortgage. No car loans. No kidding.

We don’t want to be millionaires. We just want to live like one. And we do! There is no title for the type of people that we are. We’re not frugal. We’re not thrifty. We’re just happy and grateful for whatever we have.

Photo by Brady Knoll on Pexels.com