The word ‘fighting’ might sound a bit harsh but as this upcoming winter may prove, if you live any place where it’s cold, you’re going to be fighting to pay your energy bills. When we built our home twenty years ago, we forgoed oil and installed a propane boiler. At that time (2002), it was a good way to save money on heating and energy costs (it heats our hot water also) Fast forward to today and we’re getting slammed with rising propane costs. From our last bill to our current bill, a gallon of propane went up .62 cents per gallon. Since we use 1000 gallons of propane a year, just that one increase would total up to an additional $620 per year! Now, we all know that .62 cent rise in a gallon of propane isn’t going to be the end of it. I am cringing when I think about our next propane delivery.

Yup. It’s the 1970s all over again when it comes to inflation and rising energy costs. Back in the 1970s we put in a wood burning cast iron stove on our main living floor which heated up both the first and second floor. Back then, not only did the price of home heating oil skyrocket, it was, at times, almost impossible to get a delivery! So, today, after much research, we ordered a pellet stove. If we were to order our stove from a distributor, we were informed there would be a 3 to 4 month wait. Instead, we ordered it directly from the manufacturer ($1199) and it will be delivered in 4 days!! There was no delivery charge ($134 saved) and because we bought it off the internet, we weren’t billed an tax ($88 saved). Hubby and a friend will be doing the installation ($900 saved!). The cost for the piping, hubby estimated at $150 (he’ll purchase that after the stove is delivered).

Here’s our new pellet stove:

As I’ve always discussed, when hubby and I buy large ticket items (anything over $1,000) we always put it on a zero interest credit account and pay it off monthly. The deal I got this time was zero interest for 13 months. I will pay this off in 12 months (only $100 a month) to make sure I never get snagged and ‘tricked’ into a interest loophole. Always read the fine print. Your normal credit card payments might be due on the 15th of the month BUT when you are paying off a zero interest card they sometimes move the payoff date to the first of the month. Thereby when you make your final payment on the 15th like you always have, you’ll be officially late thus owing ALL the interest (sometimes as high as 25%)

I’ll do a follow up on our delivery and I’ll also be videoing the installation. I’ll show you the before and the after. We’re installing it in our living room. I’m super excited because I am looking forward to finally be toasty warm in the winter! Rather than hovering in a sweater around the thermostat debating whether I should raise the heat up just one more degree. Pretty please! Pretty please!!

We’re also contemplating taking down a partial wall that separated the kitchen/dining area from the living room. If we take down this wall, we’ll have a huge open space which would make the living room more like a family room with open access to the kitchen and dining area. My SIL is an architect and he’ll be here later on next week and give us his esteemed educated opinion on what to do.

Stay tuned.

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