The life that we had in 2018, 2019, two or three years ago is never coming back. The world we live in today is different. We must either accept this new world we are living in and adapt or spend the rest of our days wishing and hoping for something that may never be. We are at war. A spiritual war. A war of good against evil. I’m sorry to say that evil is winning. The world is in worse shape now than it was a mere year ago. Things don’t seem to be getting better. They seem to be getting worse.

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There’s a reason why we only find true comfort nowadays when we’re with nature. The ocean. The mountains. The lakes. The flowers. The birds. Even the simple act of petting a dog is giving us more hope that anything spewing out of any human beings mouth. The way we used to live, back in pre-2018,2019 we all knew was wrong. Were you really happy back then? Was it the kind of happiness you now feel when you are sitting by a tree and listening to the sound leaves make when they are rustling in the wind? The planet is telling us we need to slow down. We need to stop racing after something, such as money, which we now are finding out is worthless.

There’s a reason why we’re short on supplies. There’s a reason why it’s becoming more and more difficult for manufacturing plants to remain open. They’re slowing down. Less production means that you and I are going to have less stuff to buy. Less junk to own and clutter up our living spaces. The world is going to strip all of us of what was un-necessary and un-needed. Let the restaurants close down. We should be doing our own cooking and sitting down to a table, sharing our meals with our friends and family. Let the fast food joints run out of paper products and taco sauce. We don’t need them. The world is telling humans there is another way and if you don’t find it voluntarily, the world will force it upon you.

People rioted for a living wage and now that they are earning the magical $15 an hour, they still can’t pay their bills. Why is that? People clamored for that industrious $15 only to find out within months they were replaced by a robotic arm or voice. Now what? They are uneducated and unprepared to welcome in a brave new world that is leaving them behind. Their future is more government handouts which is what that $15 an hour was supposed to free them from.

The world is upside down. Evil is rampant. People are killing each other. People are beating each other up and wounding others severely. People are lying, cheating, corrupt, dishonest, abusive, intolerant, immoral……..Remember back in 2018 when we used to hold the door open for the person behind us? Or let someone in on the lane while driving? Remember when we used to say “Please” and “Thank you”? Remember when we used to say “Have a good day”? Now, we tell people to stay safe, keep safe, stay home. In our rush to get back to 2018 instead of accepting our new reality, we reinfected ourselves with so many new variants it looks like we’ll all be in masks for the rest of our living days.

The whole world has been in lock downs for the last 17 months, at least. That meant there were no cars clogging up the freeways. Airlines flew less and curtailed whatever flights they did have. Trains were minimized. Mostly everybody stayed home, inside, out of the atmosphere. Less humans outside and less production meant less pollution, clearer air and a cleaner planet, right? And yet the planet has seen the worst natural weather disasters than it has ever experienced. More vicious and furious hurricanes, more flooding, more buildings toppling over, more earthquakes, more fires, more death and natural destruction. And yet, we’re forced to believe that if we cut down on emissions our world would improve. Well, it didn’t. Where’s the climate change? What’s happening to Mother Earth is not man made. The world is trying to tell us something and we just aren’t listening.

It’s telling us to slow down. What’s the rush? Why are you destroying me? Taking away my rain forest? Drilling in my preserved Federal lands? Why are you stripping me of all my natural resources? Why are you destroying me? Don’t you realize that I am Mother Nature and I can destroy you and everything about you in a matter of seconds? I can wipe our whole neighborhoods, whole towns, whole nations. I am stronger than any thing you humans can invent. And that includes the Coronavirus and all it’s deviant variants.

Your governments are corrupt. Your politicians are corrupt. Your laws are corrupt. Your media outlets are corrupt. Your lives would be in a much better position if you followed the laws of nature. The strongest rules. Not the weakest. Everyone in the pack works together. Not scheming and deceiving behind someone’s back. We can start off by being kind to one another. Stop giving someone the finger. Let them get ahead of you. Make a way for them. Stop arguing and fighting. Find common ground. Agree to disagree. Start talking to each other. Stop taking sides. Aren’t we all in this together? Stop calling each other names. Or pigeonholing people into categories.

Accept your new reality and stop trying to get your old lives back. There are no more concerts. The musicians are cancelling them one by one, yet again. The sports arenas will come to the same conclusion. You’re not going to be sitting in some French restaurant in Nice sipping a cognac anytime soon. That life is gone. Travel is different. Shopping is different. How we conduct business is different. Our jobs are different. Family and home life is different. How we manage our housing needs is different. Going to school is different. Nothing, and I do mean NOTHING is the same as it was pre-2018.

Everything we thought was real and true before the pandemic hit is turning out to be false. Go to college. Get a degree. Land a great job. Get married. Have children. Save for retirement. All those ways of life are gone, aren’t they? We need to be out in nature more. We need to find out what it means to be authentic. When you spend more time out in the forest or at the ocean, you hear what the earth is telling you. Take the time to listen. Take the time to know in your heart that you will do what is right. Take the time to once again be yourself. We need to stand up to the evil that is pervading the globe. We need to do what is right. We need to be kind to one another.

The world is trying to tell us something. We need to listen.