The temperatures have gotten a bit cooler so we were able to use our oven a bit more to match. First up, I took the good produce of red ripe peppers, roasted them under our broiler, placed in covered dish for further steaming, peeled the skin off, shredded them, mixed with good quality olive oil, chopped black olives, garlic and voila’ Roasted Red Peppers (perfect in any sandwich!) The sandwich pictured is on toasted Italian bread, lined with a smathering of goat cheese, topped with layers of roasted turkey, Munster cheese and topped with several of my roasted peppers. Great sandwich!!

Next up, peaches are in! Got a good deal on local, ripe peaches (.99 cents a pound) and baked my first (of many) peach pies this season. I use a pre-made pie crust to line the bottom of a pie dish. Boil the fresh peaches for a few seconds just to get the skin off. Slice and place at least 5 big, rip peaches onto the pie dish. Sprinkle on the top a mixture of flour, sugar, nutmeg and cinnamon with pats of butter all around. Then I top with my special oatmeal crumble (mixture of one melted stick of margarine, some flour, 2 cups of old-fashioned oatmeal, brown sugar and cinnamon) and bake at 365F for around 45 minutes till bubbling done! I always place the pie on the lowest rack in the oven to make sure the crust cooks through.

Last in: MEAT. MEAT AND MORE MEAT! I was able to score both hot and sweet Italian sausages at 35% OFF!

Finally got to cook the Leg of Lamb I bought for my family this past Easter (5.51 pounds for $33!!! I must have been insane that day!) but due to the pandemic, no one was able to come over. So, that Leg of Lamb has been in my freezer ever since. Until this weekend. My kids and grand kids were able to come over and hubby and I whipped that leg out of the freezer and cooked it to pure heaven perfection. Los of garlic and fresh rosemary from my garden, we scoffed this hunk of pleasure down so fast there wasn’t time for me to take a photo. I served it with real mashed potatoes and French green beans right out of the garden. Unf**king Unbelievable. Eat up kids because it looks like we won’t be getting another Leg of Lamb unless we raise the sheep ourselves! Not funny. 😦

Apple and pumpkin picking time is right around the corner. To get ready I bought us a six pack of apple cider doughnuts. Six doughnut pack @ $3.79 (up from $3.49 last year) That’s still .63 cents a doughnut for a very good price. Oh yes I did!!! Life, at times, can be very, very good.

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