This end of summer is the perfect time to start thinking about home heating bills. With the upcoming gas shortages expected, people may need to start thinking about energy alternatives. DH and I have been talking for years about putting in a pellet stove. Hubby wanted the pellets. I wanted a wood stove since we have so many trees on our property. Free heat sources are better than paying anything (despite pellets being so inexpensive).

I don’t know what the game changer was, but the purchase of a pellet stove won. So, here she is:

DH will be doing the installation (with a helper neighbor). The pellet stove looks large but trust me, she’s small. Hubby will be installing her in the corner and doing all the piping himself. This will cut our propane usage (to heat the house) down from 1000 gallons (@$2.89 a gallon = $2,890) a year to 500 gallons (that’s $ 1,445 but hopefully less!). To heat our whole house (we live on one floor) all we need to burn for the year is one ton of pellets and the price for that is $275.

I’m certain we will be saving more money than I projected here because I know that a gallon of propane is no longer available at the prices we paid last year. Thanks to inflation and gas shortages, I’m certain it has passed the $3.00 a gallon mark. It doesn’t matter what the propane company is charging right now, end of summer. DH and I, in retirement, must do whatever we seem fit in order to continue to keep our expenses down.

DH spent a lot of time investigating and price comparing units. We got prices as high as $3,500 for a stove that could heat up 2000 square feet. Fortunately, our living space is only about 1,100 square feet so DH was able to find an excellent stove priced at $1,199 with free shipping (and no sales tax!) Our new pellet stove heats up to 1500 square feet easily. We plan on having a very cozy season this winter!

We put the stove purchase on a zero interest card with 16 months to pay it off. We’ll do it in 15 months which comes to around $84 a month. The money we will be saving in non-propane usage (at least 50%) will pay for the pellet stove in less than one year. For us, when we buy big ticket items, we usually purchase the item utilizing the zero interest payment plan. It’s good for our bottom line. We always shorten the payment schedule by one month just to make sure we never miss the deadline.

DH is working on pricing out the piping. We both agree on black piping vs silver color. Black looks nicer and more professional. Especially inside the home.

I’ll keep you posted on the work and the money saving when everything is all done and tallied up!

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