DH and I are making our fourth RV trip this summer. We’re off to sunny Kennebunkport Maine this time for a long weekend. I had to keep pushing our dates back because it kept on raining. You don’t want to be stuck inside an RV when it’s raining outside. Our delay meant the heated pool is now closed but the hot tub is still open, so that’s encouraging. Hubby and I wanted a nice long, relaxing weekend and what better place to go than Maine!

After Labor Day all the tourists are gone, the prices come down and yet the weather is still good enough to hit the beaches! (and the heated pools) DH is looking forward to some hearty lobster dinners. I’m looking forward to checking out the small little fishing villages that dot the coastline plus I’ve heard good things about Kennebunkport! One of the main reasons why I waited for better weather is because I’m also looking forward to the cooler evenings while sitting around a fire.

We scored enough reward points from our OBX adventure (click here) that we’re getting $25 off our Maine extended stay. Add in both the 10% Membership discount and another 2% cash back from our credit card and our total costs are only $153 for the four day weekend. This time we pre-planned on eating dinner out at least two nights. All other meals we will prepare for ourselves. The RV resort, however, on the weekend makes the most delicious blueberry pancakes and waffles. So, we might slip in a breakfast!

The resort boasts good connective WiFi. I’ll believe that when I experience it! In the interim, when I travel I switch over to Instagram (CiphersFromCindi). You can see the photos as I post them, on the right side of this blog if you don’t have the app.

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