Perhaps it’s the sighting of the George W. Bush family estate? Or maybe it’s that New England charm, complete with lobsters, crabs and those wild blueberries? Whatever the draw, the quaint town of Kennebunkport located in Maine is the perfect tourist attraction. And that’s what you will find. Lots of people, lots of long lines, lots of waiting but in all honesty, it’s worth every precious second that you are there.

We had a very enjoyable time on our first visit to Kennebunkport. We are certain we will be back. Of course we visited the Bush Estate. Of course we spent a few days on Goose Rock Beach. Of course we tasted the local food fair. Every morning we had blueberry pancakes and every evening we sat by the fire and had our wild blueberry pie a’la mode with vanilla and chocolate ice cream. Just breathing in the cool salty fresh air was enough of a highlight on our trip.

Here’s a decent shot I took with my cellphone of the Bush Estate. You’re provided with a 15 minute parking space and a good photographic angle to take your best impression.

I’ll let the rest of my photos tell our vacation story. We stayed at a lovely RV site just a few miles north of Kennebunkport. The site was huge, graveled base with a fire ring and a decent sized picnic table. We only went out to eat once. The lines and wait times were just too obnoxious. Twenty minutes just to place our order and then we had to wait another 40 minutes till we got our meal. Hubs and I did take-out since not too many restaurants had outdoor seating. The bill came to $39 and in all honesty, it wasn’t worth it. Restaurant complaining seemed to be rampant as it is all over the world. Supplies are sparse, staffs are short and inflation pricing is rampant. Thankfully our RV has an excellent kitchen and I brought the majority of the meal food with us. A slice of blueberry pie at the restaurant was $7. I bought a whole pie there at a local Hannaford’s for $5 (as well as a pint of vanilla/chocolate ice cream) and hubby and I had a slice of pie almost every night! Ditto for those blueberry pancakes. We bought our own blueberries and made our own pancakes.

I have a membership to the RV franchise which gave us a 10% discount off the $204 (plus tax) three night stay. I also used a $25 reward point which lowered our bill to $175 so we signed up for an additional day @$66. All in all, when you add in gas, tolls, one lousy meal out and some grocery supplies and a few stacks of wood, the entire week cost us $578.

It was our last trip of the season and we wanted to make it an enjoyable one.

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