I may not be able to save money but I am able NOT to spend money. I don’t consider not spending the same as saving since no cash gets deposited in to my savings account. Nonetheless, in these inflationary times, not spending money makes the higher costs of everything else palpable.

DH cut my hair: $25 not spent (plus he’s getting better and better at it!)

Dog nails cut for free from an offering groomer: $21 not spent at the vets

Self dog wash & trim (done by me): $70 (I’m getting better at this too!)

Airline Miles used for RT tix to Florida: $248 not spent

DH installing our new pellet stove: $900 not spent hiring a contractor to do it

11% rebate on some stove parts: $24.08

The total amount of money not spent because we did all of the above amounts to $1,288.

So, what was the point of us doing all that DIY work ourselves? Well, we’re in the middle of installing a new pellet burning stove in our living room when we realized our 18 year old sectional couch will no longer work. The stove will be taking up a good amount of space and the longer end of the sectional couch will be too near to the hot stove. We’ve been wanting to replace our couch for years because the bottom had given out in one of the sections and was unfixable. We sat around the defect whenever we were in the living room. Now, with the new pellet stove, we planned on being in the living room a lot more but buying a new couch was totally out of the question. We just didn’t have the funds for it. That was till today.

We went back to an outlet store we have been combing over for the last year. We would go and look and drool over new couches. Today, we finally had the funds to buy ourselves a new couch. We’re going to sell the old couch. That money will go into a savings account. In the interim, we purchased a brand new couch, off the outlet floor for only $839. Throw in sales tax and delivery fee (yes! we had to pay a delivery fee. the couch is 98.5 inches and will not fit into our pick up truck. bummer) and the total came to $1,060.

Needless to say, DH and I are super excited to finally fix up our twenty-year old living room and bring it up in to the 21st Century! The new couch has super strong webbing so the bottom won’t be falling out. It’s going to change the whole look of our living room. We’re in the middle of discussing what color to re-paint the living room or just keep it the same as it was.

I’ll keep you posted on our progress.

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