Most of the Oktoberfests have been cancelled around my area. In it’s place, however, one entity was brave enough to sponsor a ‘Walktoberfest’ (click here for more info). What’s a Walktoberfest? I have no idea but it was free admission, as well as free parking and there were going to be 100 vendors (many of whom were all about food) so DH and I were not going to miss it. The festivities began at noon. By 12:15 the area was packed with wall to wall people (most of whom were maskless but it was outside and by this time, who the heck cares?)

Walktoberfest was held on the top end of the infamous Hudson Valley’s ‘Walkway Over The Hudson‘ which is a re-invigoration of an old train track line that went over the Hudson River. Developed into a walkway, the old train track offers stunning views of the river as well as an ample healthy walk. There’s an east side and a west side. Unfortunately, hubby and I entered on the east side and the event was being held on the west side. That meant we had to walk back and forth which totaled almost a four mile trek! No problem. There was just more food that we could eat when we got to the event. Eventually.

Here are some of the photos I took. As you can see when hubby started out on the walkway (walking our little doggie) there were very few people. The closer we got to the event, the more the walkway filled up with people. The lines were very long at some of the food vendors but we managed to snag a delicious hot dog with sauerkraut and mustard each. We brought along our own drinks (water). All in all, we spent $6 and we had a delightful, free day out!

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