Remember the days when we cut our cable bill and saved tons of money by streaming the content to our smart TVs instead? Have you looked at your streaming bill lately? Looks like we’re back in the high cable-like billing cycle again. What happened? Well, it looks like the cable companies got wise to streaming and switched over. Now you can get the same cable TV shows you’ve known to view and love only now you can stream it in from the same companies (like Spectrum and Dish to name a few). At the same prices. Lucky you, right?


The purpose of streaming was supposed to be about lowering our bills (as well as other things, such as getting instant access). I came across a retirement blog post the other day whereby the author was asking his audience what streaming services they were using. Turns out not one of them was using just one service. They were using more like seven to ten services. Say what? Yes, people were streaming Netflix, Hulu, Prime, Disney Plus, Brit Box, Discovery Plus, HBO Max all together, just to name a few. I did a quick addition on just one person’s streaming services and it came to this:

Netflix (standard) $13.99 a month

Prime $9.92 ($119 for the year divided by 12 months)

Hulu $5.99

Disney Plus $8.00 (for the grandkids that rarely came over)

Curiosity $2.99

PBS Passport $5.00

Discovery Plus $4.99

HBO Max $9.99


In addition to the very high costs of streaming, I asked myself: what are these people doing all day? Sitting in front of the boob tube waiting to be entertained? Is that what their retirements have come to? If so, I want no part of it.

We have zero streaming costs. ZERO. Two years ago we installed a twenty dollar antenna up in our attic and get over 22 channels free and clear. This is the first time in the twenty years we’ve been living here that we actually get to see and hear our own local news! We couldn’t get the local channels on our cable service. We had no idea what was going on around in our neighborhood but we knew exactly what was going on in New York City, a clear one hundred miles away!

When we want to watch something streamed, we turn to YouTube. You can get anything you want on YouTube, including streaming movies, many for free, as well as news, travel, old and new TV shows, cooking, instruction and plain outright silliness from real live, talented human beings! All for free.

Note: we used to get Prime during the pandemic because we needed the free shipping but have you looked at Prime Video lately? There’s nothing on except if you like Amazon Productions. Otherwise you now have to pay ($4.99 and up) for a decent movie. No thanks. We cancelled Prime. Amazon offers free shipping anyway on an order over $25 and WalMart offers free shipping on orders over $35. I make a list, total it up and when I reach the minimum I place the order for the free shipping.

The keyword here people is: F R E E

The TV doesn’t go on in our home till 4PM. That’s when we get the stock market returns. Then at 5PM we watch the local news show. At 6:30 & 7 PM we watch world news on ABC and CBS. Then a quick game show and the rest of the evening is either something on PBS or we stream a movie on YouTube or watch a discovery show or something intellectual on YouTube. The choices are endless. And free. At 11PM we watch the BBC news on PBS and by 11:30PM we are done.

Tomorrow hubby and I are going out to a real live cinema and seeing the premier of the new Daniel Craig, James Bond movie, No Time To Die. As senior citizens, we qualify for a discount plus we’re seeing a matinee. The tickets cost us only $6 each. So, for $12 we having a great night out and seeing a terrific movie (The reviews have been spectacular!!! I’ll post about it tomorrow.)

To prepare for this spectacular event, hubby and I watched Casino Royale (Craig’s first Bond movie), Quantum of Solace, Skyfall and Spectre (all of Craig’s previous Bond movies) all for free on YouTube. I’ve heard that the new James Bond movie is going to sum up all the loose ends of Daniel Craig’s previous Bond movies into one terrific, edge-of-your-seat flick. Stay tuned. I’ll let you know!

And YES! The No Time To Die trailer can be seen on YouTube!

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