They say God works in strange and mysterious ways. He does. He really does. If you’ve been following my blogs for a while you’d know that I used to do a lot of sewing for myself and my family. I made everyone flannel PJ bottoms, material hand bags which could also be used as shopping bags, place mats, aprons, tablecloths….things like that. When I was 16 years old my mother had won 12 sewing lesson sessions from Singer Sewing Machine Inc. directly when they still had their main office in New York City. I learned how to make dresses, jackets, skirts and other fashionable clothing wear. My father bought me a Kenmore sewing machine and I used to make my own clothes as well as clothes for my sister. I loved it.

When I first got married I gave my Kenmore sewing machine to a friend of mine. She was going to sew me upholstery covers for free in exchange for the machine. Well, guess what? When it came time for her to sew me those covers, she wanted to charge me a few hundred dollars. Needless to say we parted ways and I was out of a really good sewing machine.

Fast forward to the early 2000s and I bought myself a $99 Singer Sewing machine and started sewing for my family again. I was even on the cusp of sewing baby clothes. I don’t recall why I stopped sewing. I think it was because my family lost interest in what I was sewing for them. My daughters preferred retail over mamma. Anyway, for $80 bucks I sold my Singer, my sewing table, my pinking sears and all related sewing equipment to a promising young fashion student. It didn’t take me long, till this day in fact, to regret selling my sewing machine. It’s just NOT what you do. You don’t sell valuable working tools, because you just never know when you’ll be needing/using them again.

Enter our current inflation/recession. I’d give anything to have my sewing machine back but unfortunately it’s just NOT in our current budget. So, I thought I would try Craigslist or FaceBook Marketplace but to no avail. Getting my machine back or something similar was not going to be easy. My budget was $50. At that price, mostly crap was up for sale. Bummer.

Today, Sunday afternoon, my husband and I drove through our town and of course I had to stop at a garage sale because I spied a sewing machine. Naturally, of course it was old BUT it had all the accoutrements as well as a written set of directions and looked fairly well kept. I spoke to the owner and asked her how it worked. She said she got it just to mend some curtains but it ran very slow. She was asking $25 but would take any offer. She said I could plug it in and test it but as I looked at it, I really didn’t want a slow, old machine regardless of the price. I’d probably never use it and just continue to cry over my lost Singer Sewing machine.

As I was walking away, a man approached me and asked me if I knew how to sew. I told him yes, I know how to sew. “Do you think you could ever make me a pair of these pants and this top I’m wearing?” The man looked like a kindhearted guru. I later found out his wife was a yoga instructor. The top he was wearing was a caftan and the pants he was wearing were a simple pair of drawstring capris. “Yes,” I told him. “I can make these for you but I won’t be able to, at first, stitch in the gold embroidery encircling around the collar and V neck“. “That’s no problem“, he said. “I’ll supply the material. When can you do them?”

I’m sorry” I told him. “I don’t have a machine anymore. I had to sell mine. That’s why I’m here at this garage sale. I was hoping to find another sewing machine. I can’t afford a new one.”

Oh, I’ll buy you the machine. How much is it?” he asked. I told him it was $99 at WalMart. I kept putting it in my cart and then taking it out and then putting it back in…because I can’t afford one right now, I reiterated. And with that, this kind and gentle man pulled out a one hundred dollar bill and told me he would buy me my new machine. “I want you to make my clothes” he asked me again. “I can’t find a decent seamstress that isn’t a crazy woman and you seem just fine. You don’t have any cats in your house, do you? I’m allergic to cats.” No cats, I said. Just a little 11 pound dog that doesn’t shed or smell.

I’ll need scissors and thread and probably some other things“, I told this man. “No problem. I’ll buy everything you need” and he handed me another fifty dollars. We exchanged phone numbers. “Call me when you get the machine. You never know…….this may turn into a lucrative business and maybe we’ll have a team of seamstresses making these clothes and you can preside over them.”

When I got home I logged onto WalMart bought the next machine up from the $99 model because it offered more stitches and was a little bit better quality at $120. I bought 2 scissors, one a pinking shear and the other a regular cutter. The total came to $157.06. I wasn’t worried about the overage. I called the gentleman’s wife; we’re going to meet in my home once the equipment is delivered and start discussing how we will be moving forward. I still need a few more things, like thread, straight pins and perhaps a sewing table? Till then, my dining room table will suffice.

Looks like Cindi got herself a job this winter! I’ll be doing what I always loved to do and I’ll have a brand new sewing machine! If it doesn’t work out, I’ll pay him for the sewing machine and whatever extras I may want to keep. All I know is that God answered my prayers! He restored my Singer Sewing Machine by giving me a better one! And someone who will appreciate my stitches.

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