No body is doing anything about the bottleneck of all those cargo/container ships stuck out in the waters off of L.A. and Long Beach, California. Where is our government and why is no one doing anything to solve this crisis? We don’t have a shortage of anything. The ‘stuff’ we need and want is sitting right out there in the harbor. The docks in L.A. aren’t open 24 hours a day like all the rest of America. Nope. Don’t let ‘them’ tell you it’s YOUR fault for the bottleneck crisis because y’all are ordering so much stuff. It’s the unions and no one is doing anything to get them to do their jobs!

There appears to be no sailing around the breathtaking backup of container ships off the jammed ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.

Newly arriving vessels are adding to a record-breaking flotilla waiting to unload cargo that on Sunday reached 73 ships, according to the Marine Exchange of Southern California, nearly double the number a month ago and expanding a fleet that has become a stark sign of the disruptions and delays roiling global supply chains.

Before the pandemic, it was unusual for more than one ship to wait for a berth. (click here for more info, as from this article taken from The Wall Street Journal)

It’s as if the government wants us to suffer from high inflationary prices. Why else would they have raised Food Stamps by a whopping 25%. Want to know why no one is returning to work? Because after they got off Unemployment they switched over to Welfare. The government is paying millions of people to stay home, not work, collect tax payer money and do nothing. While all the rest of us suffer.

Want to beat them at their own game? Stop buying. Stop hoarding. There’s plenty of ‘stuff’. Don’t let them make you think it’s the end of the world because it’s not. If you have to buy something, buy only what you need. Not what you want. Reduce your spending and then watch how quickly they unload those cargo ships when they realize the demand has ebbed. Learn to substitute. I couldn’t get lemon juice for 3 weeks. I didn’t suffer or panic. I used lime juice instead. Take a deep breath. Learn to roll with the punches. We all did enough hoarding and stock piling during the pandemic. I’m almost certain that most of us have enough!

I hate being manipulated. Don’t you? One thing the pandemic taught us was how to slow down. We learned patience. We’ll get our ‘stuff’ but it might take a while. That’s fine. I’ll wait.

This too will pass.

Plus I’ve learned to ration portions and guess what? I actually lost some weight. I’m sure more of us would love to lose some weight? I’m not going to worry about inflation anymore because it’s all nonsense. I’ve made a few cutbacks on non-essentials to free up some money to pay the increases and I’ve learned to stay home more. Perhaps the days of instant gratification may be finally over and in reality that’s a very good thing. Maybe we’ll all learn to appreciate something when we finally do get it and NOT toss things away so easily.

Want another hint on a solution? Buy local! There are tons of mom and pop stores located near all of us. If mom and pop grow, raise, cultivate, stitch and sew their goods together, odds are they will have what you need. Buy local eggs. Buy local turkeys. If you have a talent, see if you can help some other person who may need your expertise. Can you fix cars? Can you bake? A job found me the other day because I can sew and I met a person who needed personal clothes made. He can’t get the goods in from his China connection, so he was more than ecstatic to pay me to do it for him.

In any event, don’t panic. The ‘stuff’ will get to us. Don’t let them scare us or convince us that our grandchildren will suffer greatly if they don’t get their favorite Tonka toy or doll. Do not believe for a second that we brought this on to ourselves! We didn’t. Take care of your health. Learn to slow down. Everything will get done in due time.

Watch this six minute explanation and relax. I did. It’s just another fact of our new normal (unless we have a government intervention, like have the National Guard drive those trucks) we’ll have to learn how to live with it.

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