Knowing that this winter might not only be a difficult one to get an energy supply, we also knew that the energy costs were going to be substantial. So after many years of debate, DH and I finally bit the bullet and decided to put in a pellet stove in our living room in order to defeat and deflect both rising energy costs and perhaps supply shortages. Ordering the stove was the easy part. We received shipment of the stove within a week of ordering it (buying direct from manufacturer at $1200 vs middleman at $2500). Getting the parts to connect the stove, however, that’s another story. It’s been over a month since the stove was delivered to us and we still do not have all the parts needed in order to connect and vent said pellet stove.

This is turning out to be a BIG problem as we draw closer and closer to the winter months.

I kept telling DH that time was of the essence but unfortunately he dilly dallied and found himself on the short end of the lollipop. “Do you think we’re the only one putting in a pellet (or wood) stove?” I would ask him. No, we’re not.

And so my living room sits in limbo. Once we figured out where the stove would go, we realized we needed a new couch as the sectional we had would be too close to the stove heat. So, we bought a new couch and were told it would be delivered in 3 days. That was weeks ago. The couch delivery has already been pushed back twice, which is fine since the stove connection isn’t done yet. But unfortunately, I sold our old, original couch. So we have nowhere to sit in our living room while we wait.

Oh, and one last thing. As we were getting the living room ready for the imaginary stove installation, we realized that after 20 years, our living room needed a new paint job. Have you seen the cost of paint lately? Also, we called our loyal house painter, who painted our whole interior and some exterior to come and give us an estimate on re-doing our living room and stairway to the second floor. He said he would come the weekend to look at the job. That was three weekends ago. We never heard from him again.

We could have hired a company to do the stove install but their price was $900 plus parts (if they really had them). Hubby decided in order to save money he and 2 of our neighbors would do the install. Also, our painter had charged us $600 last time we had him paint the living room. So, we decided to do our own painting and keep the original wall color, which will turn out to be cheaper since we only need to do touch ups and just repaint the hallway going up to the second floor. That’ll be a pint of paint vs a gallon. Provided we can even get the paint. I shudder just thinking about it.

Here’s what my living room looks like now:

Here’s what my living room used to look like:

Geeze, the things we frugal people do to try and save money! We should have done this years ago when a gallon of propane (which we use to heat the house) was only $1.86 a gallon. Today, we’re looking at $3.00 a gallon with no end in sight. Thankfully we already bought enough pellets to last a full winter season. A ton of pellets cost us only $250 and should last us a few months. That’s a helluva lot better than the $3,000 we would have paid for a winter’s worth of propane (we burn 1,000 gallons). But unfortunately, at this rate, it looks like we may have to utilize some propane this winter season if there are any more delays on our part shipments. Also, we couldn’t buy a ready made base for the pellet stove as the costs were astronomical: $400 for a tile base! So, hubby made one himself with some leftover Italian tiles we had on hand in our basement. Hubby had a nightmarish time trying to get plywood for the base! He had to go to three different home supply stores before he could not only find the wood but get someone to cut it for him! UGH!

Lastly, is our couch. We bought our new couch from an outlet store. My research showed that the couch originally sold for around $2875. Wayfair sells it for $2050. We bought it for $839. That’s a very good deal. Provided you can even get the couch! So far the company has delayed our delivery twice. A recent search on Wayfair shows the same couch, out of stock, due back in stock January 2022. When I mentioned this to our salesperson, he told me not to worry. Their company has good relations with the container ship and truckers and he is fairly sure we will get our couch by October 18th.

Do I believe him? I believe nobody. All I know is that I put both the stove and the couch on zero interest accounts and the first payment is due in November. I only hope to have all the parts and my new couch by then. I’d hate to be paying off a loan for something I don’t have. The couch I can cancel and get refunded. If so, we’ll go to another outlet that is cash-and-carry; buy a couch, plop it on top of DH’s pick up truck and bring it on home and forget it! The stove? It’s too late to send back or get refunded on the parts we did get already. We’ll just have to wait this one out. UGH!

Here’s the Wayfair couch and the one we did buy at the furniture outlet store.

Dear reader, I’m just going to vent a little bit now. You may think I’m a strong person and I just go with the flow. In reality, I don’t. I find myself on the edge of tears a lot lately. It’s all been too too much. Starting with the death of my brother due to Covid, it has been just one thing after another. This inflation thing and supply shortages are just getting too much to bare. The horror to think that perhaps we won’t be able to get food or medicine is just another horrific notch in the staff of life. I just want to get in my car and drive away. But then I start thinking about the cost of gasoline and I change my mind. LOL!

Alright. Enough feeling sorry for myself. This too will pass. We just have one more stove part to get and the delivery of that has been delayed. We should have gotten it on Saturday. Then it changed to Tuesday. It’s now Wednesday and we’re praying we get it tomorrow. I’ll keep you posted. As for the couch, what will be will be. And the paint? We’ll see. DH and I will have to do the painting ourselves.

NEWSFLASH!! While I was writing this post, look what was delivered!!!!! Our last stove part!!!

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