This is autumn up here in the mountains and to me, it’s the most beautiful time of the year. The leaves are just starting to turn so DH and I decided to take a ride up the Berkshire Mountains and stop over in the quaint little town of Great Barrington (click here for more info). I still had a few Dunkin’ Donut gift cards so hubs and I packed two quick light sandwiches and we stopped off at Dunkin’ before we set out on our one day journey. Of course, I had a pumpkin latte to keep with the spirit of the season. Hubs had his usual joe with milk. We drove along a gorgeous back road in our comfy pick-up truck, sipping our coffees, taking in the views while listening to some mellow music. It was a most delightful day (and it was free).

Here’s a little two minute video I made of our trip up to the Town Of Great Barrington:

Here’s a collection of photos I took of the town, buildings, people, quirks and all. Enjoy.

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