We retiree’s have a lot going for ourselves when it comes to landing a job in these current economically challenging times. Why is that, you might ask? That’s because, as workers, we are old school. Ages 50 to 70 know what it takes to get a good day’s pay from a good day’s work. We know what is required from our employer in order for us to do a great, decent job. We’re honest, trustworthy, loyal and true. We show up on time. We clock out on time. We’re respectful. We understand authority.

Today at my fave supermarket I got an earful from the store manager as to why some of the shelves were empty. He ranted on the lousy job his new truck hires have been performing lately. They’re in the under-30 crowd. One pulled in and had loaded the meat and poultry backwards in the truck which meant when they unloaded the truck all the meats had gone rancid and had to be disposed of. The second driver drove up to the front of the supermarket to make a delivery. The manager told him (also under 30) to drive around to the back of the store where they handled the deliveries. The manager never saw the truck driver again till three hours later. Driver said his truck broke down which we all know is a flat out lie.

And then we wonder why there is a supply crisis in America? People don’t know how to work anymore. Especially if it involves hard labor. So, if you’re a retiree like my husband and myself and you find you can use a bit more extra cash during these inflationary times, today just might be your lucky day!

If you are good with your computer (or you can wrangle a grandkid or two to help you) from the comfort of your own home, you can log onto your dream job and get hired right there and then! Hubby landed a job as a delivery assistant @$17 an hour (and we all know he will do a GREAT job!) all accomplished at his computer, complete with a welcome video instructing him what to do and how to be ready at his first day of work! No more human interaction or waiting and nervously sitting down with a head hunter. All credit, background, employment verifications were done in seconds and he got an answer within minutes. WOW!

Ditto for me. I met a clothing prospector at a garage sale (I was looking over used sewing machines). When he found out I could sew he hired me right there and then at $18 an hour. He immediately handed me $150 cash as a sign up bonus and bought me the sewing machine of my dream (as well as all the necessary accutrements. WOW!

The work that is available today is not hard at all thanks to innovations. If you are over the age of 50, better yet if you are closer to the age of 60 and above, you are in great demand. Employers will pay you anything to get you to work for them. They know they will be getting a responsible adult to do the task AND they will pay you well!

If for any reason, you are feeling the tightness of money, run don’t walk and land yourself a job today. My neighbor down the block got himself a 3 day a week job simply delivering flowers. He loves it! The pay is good and they reimburse him for his gas and use of his car. DH’s job is seasonal and he will be done in January. Flush with cash, we might just put back our winter Florida trip back up on our calendar. How cool is that?

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