We’re getting closer to finally connecting and starting up our new pellet stove. If you’ve been following along, we finally bit the bullet and decided to install a pellet stove in our living room as a hedge this winter against the higher costs of home heating oil. Wood pellets burn clean and are 1/4 the price of any home heating oil or propane. (We use propane). I was hesitant to have this done because first, we have a very small living room. Second, I have no idea how heating the living room will affect the rest of the home’s temperature. We can only estimate. The proof will be in the utilization. In other words, we’ll see.

This is what my living room looked before the stove:

Over the years hubs and I have occasionally priced out pellet stove costs. This year the stove that we chose had a purchase price tag of $2,500 at retail. Hubby located the manufacturer and was able to purchase directly from the source at $1,200 with free shipping. This was the easy part. The stove was delivered in a few days BUT it took over a month to locate and buy all the piping needed to connect the stove to the outside world. In the interim my living room was discombobulated and unusable.

Money saved on stove purchase price: $1,300.

In the interim, hubby relocated all those wires hanging down from our flat screen TV making the space look more cohesive and neat. We also thought we would repaint the room a different color but the price of the paint AND hiring back our painter was not cost effective. Painter wanted hundreds of dollars and the cost of several gallons of paint now made the job an inflationary hindrance. We decided to keep the color and just buy a gallon of touch up paint @$28 to cover some imperfections and just repaint the stairwell going up to the second floor (which got a lot of wear and tear from my kids constantly scratching the walls with their overgrown suitcases). The touch up paint blended beautifully with no sins (Behr, eggshell) and saved us a whole lot of money. Besides, when we asked the family about a new color, everyone unanimously stated they loved, loved, loved the existing color over these past twenty years!!! So, it stays.

Money saved NOT hiring a painter, using same color and DYI: $600.

Here’s a shot of the new finished, touched up wall where the TV now resides, without obstructive hanging wires:

The next project hubby had to undergo was for the base of the pellet stove. Prices for a tile base (we tried a plain base but it had the potential of severely damaging the wood floor plus was obnoxious looking). The price of a tile base had prices starting at $400. Over the years hubby had collected a few Italian tiles from a buddy of his and we had enough to build our own base. Our cost was only $70 for the wood base, glue, grout, wood trim and felt backing.

Here’s our inspiration photo:

Here’s our actual finished, tiled base. First shot is hubby working outside to construct tile base. Second photo is our real, live, actual pellet stove sitting on our finished tile base!!

Money saved by DYIing new tile base from savaged existing tiles: $400 less $70=$330.

Today is Friday, October 22, 2021. Hubby has two neighbors coming over this Monday, October 25th to help set up and install the custom built black piping. They have to break through the wall and do some exterior work, so DH is happy for the help. He couldn’t have done this alone. Thank goodness for our wonderful neighbors. DH helps them. They in turn help us. It’s been nothing short but a wonderful experience with our neighbors during this pandemic and inflationary time.

Here is the way our living room is looking right now. Hubby is doing a slight clean up and preparing for the final install on Monday. In the interim, on Tuesday our new couch will be delivered! Yay! Our rug is going back down and obviously not a lot of our old existing furniture is going to go back in to the living room. One thing I discovered about myself during this whole renovation and update is: I have entirely too much stuff! We were able to sell off our old couch ($350) and take out some furniture. Believe it or not, I’m interested in minimalism now plus decorating with a more modern appeal. Less certainly is more. The existing blue recliner we have now is just too big for the room. I do have my eye on a much slimmer side chair. I also have been combing the furniture at Goodwill and I’d like to add in more complacent accent pieces. We’ll see. That’s part of the reconstruction look. My interior styling tastes have changed and now would be a good a time as any to put those modifications in place.

Money saved on self installation of stove: $900.

Stay tuned. Next week, all should be done!

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