Saturday has always been the unofficial designated shopping day and this past Saturday was no exception for DH and myself. We started off early and it quickly became a day of freebies, bargains and money saved. Good for us!

The day started off with breakfast out. We stopped at our usual favorite jaunt and ordered one cup of coffee to share and 4 croissants (2 for later). We go to this particular place because rather then pay the $3.50 other stores charge for their croissants, this delicious bakery only charges $1.75 per croissant. Imagine our surprise when our bill only came to $4.95. The cashier charged us for 4 bagels at .90 cents each rather than the croissant charge of $1.75 each. That was a $3.40 savings. We were off to a fantastic start.

We had an appointment to meet with a woman who was selling a sewing table. (I’m in need of a used sewing table now that I am back in the sewing business). Her asking price was $50 and it needed some work, such as a coffee cup stain on the top and a wood fitting for the open interior hole where a sewing machine might have fit. When we came to look at it, I asked her best price (commenting on the above flaws) and she lowered her price to $30 cash. Score! We saved $20!! I loved the fact that the desk was small, compact and came with workable drawers. It’ll do well in my smallish office! Plus our next door neighbor is an excellent carpenter and will easily make an insert to level out the interior hole.

Next up, we had to stop at Aldi to pick up a few items. There was a big difference from the last Saturday we shopped there to today. The empty shelves are becoming quite visible now. No worries. We’re doing a no-spend on groceries in November because we have high medical bills to contend with. Realistically, we have enough food stockpiled to last us a year. We won’t be eating healthily should fresh produce, dairy and breads be in short supply but if need be, we will be eating sustainably. Hubby needs 85% dark chocolate every day as part of his healthy food routine. For the second week in a row there was no dark chocolate to be had. Hubby bought 6 bars of milk chocolate instead @.99 cents versus $1.99. Yes, he saved $6.00 BUT he is NOT getting the health benefit dark chocolate would have provided him with.

By this time I was feeling a little bit melancholy so I went to a floral shop to buy myself something to cheer me up with. I’ve only done this once before. Two years ago I bought myself sunflowers to brighten up my day. With no more sunflowers in bloom, I settled on this little bouquet of flowers to raise up my spirits and brighten up my kitchen. The price was posted at $8 and I felt I deserved this little treat. When the cashier rang them up, the price came to $10. WTF? I reminded her that the bouquet was posted at $8. I was practically on the verge of tears (I’ve been crying a lot lately, I’ll be honest with you guys. I find things just to be too, too much for me lately). I told the woman I was buying the flowers for myself because I was depressed and I needed them to cheer me up. The cashier told me the store has a policy that if the item rings up incorrectly, you get the item for free. I got the bouquet for free. Savings: $8. As I said, the Saturday was turning into a wonderful day of freebies, savings and good tidings.

Aren’t these gorgeous?

Lastly, at the end of the day, neither hubby nor myself wanted to prepare or cook dinner. We wanted a day out in a restaurant with someone else both preparing and serving us a hot meal. I had been saving a bunch of gift cards for when we hit the RV road but apparently that won’t be happening any time soon (thanks to the higher costs of gasoline). I went through my selection and came up with two gift cards valued at $10 each at Cracker Barrel Restaurants. DH and I selected two meals that came in at the budget line, plus I calculated in a tip, which brought the total up to $24. I had the chicken fried chicken, with a side of mashed potatoes and gravy and the turnip greens @$11.49. Hubby had the grilled chicken tenders with a side of steamed broccoli and Mac ‘n cheese @ $9.49. So, for only $4 out of our pocket we went out to dinner!

By the time we got home, we were bushed. I took a nice hot bath (I’m entitled to a bath once per week under our new electricity cost reduction plan). We both fell asleep at an early hour. It was a perfect end to our near perfect day!

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