My living room is now complete. Hubby finished the install of our new pellet stove. We haven’t used it yet because the weather has been warm. But we’re ready for the winter. Bring it on! The new stove addition compelled us to finally sell off our twenty year old couch and replace it with a new modern farmhouse look. Thankfully, I was able to re-use whatever else we had plus I streamlined the room a bit. I’m starting to get in to minimalism lately and I am happily finding out that less is indeed more.

I have a lamp on top of the pellet stove because I don’t know where to put it right now or if I should even keep it. It seems the tall floor lights take up very little floor space and look less cluttered. We kept the same color on the walls and just did some touch ups. All my little knick-knacks seem to still fit in place, so they will stay. I’m actually looking forward to the first blizzard (not really!!). I’ll let you know how everything works out.

In case you forgot what my original living room looked like, here’s a reminder:

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