This is NOT a political statement. Just an observation. Have you noticed that the Republicans have swept up wins in a majority of elections across America yesterday? I did. Apparently the Democrat Progressives think they can win elections based on their degradation of past President Donald. J. Trump. What may have worked back in 2016 ain’t working today in 2021. News Flash: Trump is no longer president and his relevancy in todays’ world is minor, if at all. If you want to succeed in the world right now, you better have some accomplishments tucked under your belt. So far, every single thing the Progressives have pushed in to place is failing. And the American voter knows that. Starting with Biden cancelling the XL Pipeline on Day One of his presidency. That one action has produced a domino effect of every day hardship and suffering to the every day American. The Progressives are batting zero right now in most places.

According to this opinion piece from Politico (click here), questions are needing to be answered:

Virginia became the latest in a series of warning signs for the Democrats, who suffered unexpected losses in congressional and state-level elections despite defeating Trump last year. So this seems a good time to ask hard questions that I suspect Democrats won’t appreciate.

Why does a new NBC poll give Republicans double-digit leads on issues like border security, inflation, crime, the economy, national security and even on “getting things done”?

Why are Democrats facing the possibility of a Republican wave in 2022, and — even more ominous — the restoration of the Trump presidency in 2024? Running against Trump is apparently not a winning formula when the former president is merely a spectral presence.

The reason Democrats lost in Virginia and throughout the rest of America right now is because the Biden administration has stumbled on Afghanistan, inflation, supply chains, the border and boosters. Congressional Democrats have spent months locked in a murder-suicide pact over spending. Trump wasn’t on the ballot and Democrats need to understand that bigger spending bills won’t solve those problems if they fail to find a way to connect to the voters they most desperately need.

Here’s President Biden at one of the most important conference climate meetings in Scotland this past week:

Does this man know of any of your recent suffering? Your lack of employment? Your lack of an available food supply? Your impossibility of buying a new car? A new electronic device? Or better yet, just getting the available computer chips to do a repair? The 80,000 lack of available truckers to move the supply chain off the waters of LA and into your home or business? Biden may push the blame onto Amazon or Walmart but they can’t get truckers either no matter how many 24 hour round-the-clock days and nights they work.

Now that all the inflationary stimulus money is long gone, how are you paying your bills? Your sky rocketing energy costs? Do you really think an electric car will be the worlds’ salvation? Remember Texas when unexpected cold weather rolled in and all their windmills and solar panels froze and were deemed worthless? How many people died that time in Texas? Want the same fate in your own home town as they take away your gas, your oil, your propane, your natural gas, your tried-and-true, successful way of life? Without India and China hopping on the green energy train, America is just pissing away all your hard earned tax dollars. Are you enjoying feeling the financial decline of your life? Are you enjoying having a government tell you how your children should be taught? How to run your life? Your business? Into the ground????

Americans are angry right now and rightly so. They’ve been hit in their wallets and there is no other way around it. They’re broke and tapped out all due to the agenda Progressive Democrats have been forcibly pushing down their throats. Americans are NOT going to take it anymore. Democrats can not blame Trump or any body else for their failures. Their policies are visibly destroying America as 71% of Americans feel that Uncle Joe Biden is taking them down the wrong path. Americans have spoken back with the only power they have left: their vote. What happened yesterday, November 2nd Election Day is only a prequel of what is to come in the “real” election of 2024. They don’t have Donald J. Trump to kick around anymore. They only have themselves to blame.

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