Have you gotten a delivery lately? Have you taken a good look at who the drivers of these deliveries are? Have your packages arrived undamaged? If so, consider yourself fortunate. You’re one of the lesser few who haven’t encountered problems with at-home deliveries. For me, lately, almost every single package has come in damaged, thus pausing me to spend a lot of time packaging up, returning said product and waiting almost 30 days for any refund.

What the heck has happened?

The last straw came in yesterday when the unexperienced Fed Ex driver drove into my side yard, got stuck in the mud and my husband had to spend over an hour to get this guy and his truck off our land and the heck out of our driveway. First off, my husband shouldn’t be doing strenuous work like this. Somebody could have gotten seriously hurt and it wouldn’t have been the Fed Ex driver who sat safely inside his truck.

To top it all off, the item I ordered, when we opened the package later on in the evening, was seriously damaged. It clearly stated on the side of the box that two people were required to pick up the box. (I ordered a sewing layout table. Weight: 70 pounds). My husband wound up picking it up and carting the box back outside. I contacted Walmart where I purchased the item online. A pickup return date was set for the next day. I am hoping to God the same driver does NOT come back here.

Look at the damage the Fed EX driver did to my side yard! He didn’t even stick to the driveway! He totally drove the truck, which apparently he did not know how to drive, directly on to my property, got stuck in the mud and destroyed everything in his path as he tried to drive outta here! In addition to the tire marks, the Fed Ex truck left a HUGE gapping hole in our yard!

Today I have ended all deliveries to my home. I had enough with America’s incompetence. These companies now are so desperate for employees they are hiring anyone with a pulse. Don’t do it. The pandemic is under control. Pop on a mask, get in your own car and get back to shopping in person.

Don’t believe the hype that if you want your holiday gifts in time for the holidays you better order them now. We Americans have to stop buying all this crap and wake up. We don’t need any more stuff. We certainly don’t need to buy crap gifts for people who really don’t need another thing in life. Enough! We have put enough strife on an already crumbling system that can not bare any more weight.

As for me, lesson learned. I made a serious mistake buying new. I did a search on CraigsList and Amazon Marketplace and found a sewing layout table, used and for half the price. The landfill has been saved with one less item ending up there, thus polluting the earth even more. I’m done!

And I have absolutely no idea, how, my already stressed out husband, is going to fix the damage an inexperienced driver unnecessarily made on our property. We’d file a claim with Fed Ex but then some clueless individual would be out of a job so close to the holiday season.

You’ve been forewarned.

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