Back on October 10, 2021 I told you this story (click here) on how I came about on getting a brand new ‘free’ sewing machine. Fast forward to day and the benefactor reported that it was going to be a while before he could get the proper fabric from Asia. He also went on to questioning me on how soon I could produce an outfit? How many could I make in one day? And once the items caught on he wanted me in charge of production. I’d have several seamstresses under my management.

WTF? Did I miss something this past month? I thought I was sewing a mandarin styled shirt and a pontoon drawstring pants for one individual. No one spoke about production lines, mass manufacturing assembly lines or management positions. Hey! I’m retired. We discussed that. I was just doing you a favor (since you couldn’t get anyone else) and in return I was getting a sewing machine?

The real kicker came when I purchased patterns, scissors, thread and some notions for the guy and sent him a notice that he owed me $75. He had told me to buy what I needed for his job and he would reimburse me through Pay Pal. After waiting for the money for 2 weeks and never receiving the funds, my brain cells went on red alert.

Without batting an eyelid, I met the guy, gave him back his $150 and decided to go my own merry way. This was an action I wasn’t willing to do. I’m retired now. I don’t need any pressure or stress. I also don’t need to work for anyone nor need their money. I decided to chug the sewing machine up to karma (I wanted to get back into sewing anyway….this was just an indirect impetus). I proceeded to purchase a lay out table, a sewing desk (refurbished) a few personal patterns (I sent all the guy’s stuff back and got a $75 refund).

By the time I was through with everything and got myself set up, I had spent $305. My husband was not too fond of this discovery. This really is no time for hobbies or extra-curricular activities. Hubby has since gone back to work to earn some extra money for us so that we can keep up with this ‘transitory’ inflation period (lies, lies and more lies….this inflation is real AND it’s going to stay….thus hubby going back to work) In the interim, I’m learning my new machine. It’s a better model than what I would have purchased solely for myself (plus $50 more). I’m most assuredly going to make Christmas gifts (place mats, hot plate holders, aprons, PJ bottoms and other novelties). In any event, I’m happy. I just have to settle down and get cracking. Thankfully without any stress or pressure.

This was my sewing inspiration photo:

Here is an actual photo of my machine and workspace. I placed my new sewing machine under my fave photo collection. My office is slowly becoming my craft room. It’s getting crowded in there with all the stuff I love to do.

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