This wasn’t a good week to save any money. Sometimes you win. Sometimes you lose. Sometimes you have to pay. And Pay. And Pay.

As I mentioned previously, I knew we had a lot of expenses coming up this month and the main way I was going to face it was to scale back on our groceries. This was a big fail. I was hoping to keep the monthly budget at around $400. It’s only the 14th of November and we already spent $593.37 and I’m not even hosting Thanksgiving dinner. My daughter is. Thankfully the November billing cycle ends on the 20th. If we could just NOT spend any more money till then, I’d be happy.

I’ve basically been shopping the loss leaders at several different grocery stores. If everybody shopped like I am, the grocery stores would go out of business. Today I visited Tops Supermarket and only purchased their Thanksgiving Specials: Buy One-Get One Free (mix and match). If I bought celery I could get a 2 lb bag of carrots free. If I bought 3 lbs of yams I could get a bag of fresh cut green beans for free. If I purchased one bag of fresh cranberries I could get another one free. Eye Round Center Cut roast beef was on sale at $4.99 a pound, so I bought me one for the freezer. With beef prices today, you seriously can’t pass up a good deal on beef. I also bought 3 lb of onions, on sale, one dollar off.

The original total came to $49.91 but I got $16.64 off in savings bringing the total down to $33.27. Nonetheless, this shopping haul is part of the $592.37. Lets’ pray I’m done for the month!

The next big expensive surprise this month was our doggie. She was scheduled for her annual exam as well as a rabies shot and a few tests. Both tests came back positive. She has both Lyme disease and a bacterial infection thus needed 28 days of antibiotics and 10 days of the bacteria meds. We planned for a $150 bill and got a $305 bill. Because of this, hubby and I rescheduled pick up of our new eyeglasses till the next billing cycle. We don’t have the money right now to cover our new eyewear.

See how retirees on a fixed income have to live? Taking the money out of savings is moot right now because once it goes out, it never goes back in. We’ll wait.

The next expense can’t wait. The battery on my car died. It cost $150 to replace. Hubby will be doing the install, which in turn, will save us money.

It has now been three weeks since we called our energy/propane distributor and put in an order for a delivery. We had requested 150 gallons @$2.89 a gallon=$433.50. We need this amount to top off our tank to prepare for the winter. I called our distributor and he said we are on the list. We’ll get our delivery. The only reasons why I think we haven’t gotten our delivery yet is either the distributor doesn’t have the propane or he is waiting for our tank to go lower in this cold weather and he can thusly sell us more propane at a new higher price. Happy to report our propane level has NOT gone down because we have switched over to pellet stove heat. We need the propane now to heat our water. Hubby said if they don’t deliver soon, we’ll just cancel the order and install an instant, on-demand hot water tank. Electricity here is still cheap.

Lastly, in the midst of all of this, after just one week of employment, my husband quit his job. Despite the company’s promises, the workload was just way too heavy for my husband to lift every single day. He has a bad heart and can not endure constant physical body stress. Plus getting in and out of the truck constantly was hard on his knees. Yes, he was aware of this before he took the job but unless he tried, he didn’t know how much physical labor was involved. Live and learn.

So, we’re back on austerity. If we follow my written budget we’ll be fine. But please see above. Nothing goes according to plan. As our luck will always have it, hubby’s old boss finally called him to tell him the parts are in and they can proceed with the job!! That’s in two weeks, right after Thanksgiving. Till then, we will be fine. But trust me, every single penny he earns is going in to our savings account. We’ll maintain our austerity a bit longer, wiser and older.

I’ll end this post on a positive note. Hubby helped our neighbor fix their daughter’s car. When done, the neighbor noticed one of my husbands valuable tools was on its last legs. They bought him a new one at a cost of $150, as a Thank You for fixing their daughter’s Honda.

Hubby and I have been lazy in the cooking department. I’ve been able to rustle up a good soup (this week it was split pea while using up a leftover ham bone, with or without croutons) and a roasted red pepper salad with black olives over toast. We had a few over-ripe pears and I made them into a French Clafoutis that would make Julia Child proud (click here). Served up with whipped cream…….delish!

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