If you get a chance, check out the new Kevin Costner series, Yellowstone. Filmed in Montana (and Utah) it’s a modern day cowboy story with real live, modern day Indians and modern day conflicts over land and cattle. It’s been rated the #1 Streaming Series in all of StreamLandVille (click here) for reasons that at first didn’t make sense. But when you watch the series for a while (like 10 minutes) you understand it’s about the last remaining frontier in America. And none of us want to see it deteriorate. Or have condos built on the land thus destroying it. It’s an American dream that I swear, as you watch the show, you just want to run out and buy land in Montana, build a log cabin and get away from it all for like forever and ever.

We have sort of the same thing here in upstate New York (without all the violence!!) No one knows about it or talks about or films it which is probably a very good thing. We have the Catskill Mountains and the Adirondacks as our backdrop and I swear it would give any of those other states (Montana, Wyoming, Utah etc) a run for their money.

Feeling very ‘Yellowstonish’ today, hubby and I jumped into our pick up (yup….the same kind those good ole boys are driving on Yellowstone) and we drove up to a new town I wanted to explore, Chatham. The town was lovely, pristine, chic and dotted with elegant shops. Click here to find our more about the town. We stopped for lunch at an authentic Mexican restaurant (just like the Mexican food I am certain that get back in Yellowstone). I had the black bean tacos with guacamole and hubby had the grilled chicken Californian sandwich with bacon and avocado. It was delish!

With the mountains behind us as a backdrop, we went exploring. We found a conservatory area that boasted a pond and a hiking trail around the pond. We were the only ones there and we had a lovely afternoon. It was a bit chilly. Hubby said it looked like snow and sure enough one hour into our walk and it started to hail. We ran back in our heated pick up truck and headed back home (to our heated pellet stove).

I just love being outdoors. I’m so thankful we have so many opportunities up here to be outside in nature. And it’s all free.

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