Both my daughters sent me a list for each one of my granddaughters and what they want as presents for Christmas. I casually looked over the lists and immediately notated one glaring spec: all the presents were over $40, with some over the price of $57. We’ve had a pre-approval amount of no more than $25 per gift for years. Now, with inflation, my daughters are passing these higher prices onto grandma.

Ain’t gonna fly. Grandma, who is on a fixed income, says ‘no”.

All of us have had to cut back lately, on a lot of things. Christmas presents aren’t a necessity. They’re not even a need. I haven’t gotten a Holiday Present in years. And yet I survived. I do intend to get each one of my granddaughters ‘a little something’ for Christmas but NOT at the detriment of my own financial survival. I’m certain when my grandchildren grow up and mature, they will look back on this time and see my choice was a good one. Grandma is mostly concerned about food security these days. She’s also concerned about keeping a roof over her head, gas in the car and heat in the living spaces of her life. My Little Pony will have to survive on its own.

Thank goodness I have a fake Christmas tree, still looking none for the wear over time. I’ve also got tons of decorations I’ve collected over the years and tons of Christmas lights to decorate my home’s exterior. In other words, other than the Holiday Dinner, there really is nothing else I will be spending any of my money on this season. I’ve got it all or as much as anyone would need.

I’ll be saying ‘no’ a lot this holiday season. And be a lot better off because of it.

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