I agree that using cloth napkins at your mealtime not only saves you money and the environment (by not using paper) but it also enhances your dinner/lunch/breakfast dining experience. Forgoing paper napkins now as a means to save money (thanks inflation!) I looked around my home to see if there was any fabric I could re-use before I headed out to the fabric store (another way of saving money) and bought more. I found this great green checkered, but incorrectly sized (it was too small for any of my tables), table cloth that I hadn’t used in years BUT the fabric was ideal for cloth napkins.

I followed this YouTube instructional video on how to make napkins (easy peasy). Click here for the video. And viola’……….. after a drawn out start (new sewing machine. first time using it.) I cut, re-hemed and re-sewed six table cloths for an upcoming holiday dinner.

I set the table using my “new” table cloths. I had forgotten when I first purchased my dinnerware set it came with matching napkin rings. Now, twenty years later, I get to use my white porcelain napkin rings for the very first time. Lovely. Just lovely.

I also have enough fabric left over to make a runner for my kitchen table. Geeze, a runner with matching cloth napkins? And I didn’t spend a dime? How cool is that??

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