It seems there is always going to be something that will challenge us during our current coronavirus wars (yes…war! this is a war!) The NY Times just put out an article imploring future travelers to ask themselves some valuable, important questions.

Courtney Niebrzydowski, an international travel risk analyst at the University of Denver, said she urges people to ask themselves two primary questions when they consider traveling: 1. Can this travel be postponed? and 2. How flexible can you be?

She also urges people to think through all the scenarios that could emerge if they travel — like testing positive, facing a canceled return flight or learning last minute that their destination country has expanded its quarantine requirement — and map out detailed contingency plans, including costs, missed obligations and how to approach health care. Often, she said, after going through this exercise, people have “less appetite for travel.”

I answered her questions regarding my own upcoming travel plans and the answer I came up were: Yes, I can postpone. Yes, I can be flexible. So, for me now, all my travel plans have been postponed, put in hold and will be rescheduled at a much later time. If ever.

I still have to head down to Florida in April to attend my brother’s Memorial and hubby and I will make that trip in our RV. It is my own opinion that travel by RV at this time of yet another coronavirus variant hitting humans, will be the safest. Knowing this, our RV needed some warranty work and we brought it in for service to prepare for our upcoming spring travel. Maybe. We’ll still see what transpires. I’m not locking in to anything. For us, the safest place to be right now is our own home. And surrounding neighborhood.

While hubby and I were waiting for our scheduled warranty work to be completed, we wandered around the RV lot and started looking at other RVs. We were thinking we could save money if we downsized. Wrong. The smaller the unit the higher the price. Didn’t make sense but was a fact nonetheless. Then we thought of expanding our unit by trading it in for a model that had bunk beds in the back (for the grandkids). Turned out our existing unit is built better than any of the newer models coming out now. Plus, they’re priced in the $30,000+ price range. We only paid $22,000 for our 2020 model, so it was a unanimous decision that hubs and I should keep our mouths and wallets shut. We got a good deal. We got a great model with great luxury comfort features. We got our warranty extended till 2026. (Don’t ask. It was a nightmare).

These smaller units are more expensive than our Mini Lite 20 foot RV. Go figure!

In other words, we should be thankful for what we already have and make due with whatever we already have. IMHO travel by RV is still probably the safest way to travel. So, that’s what we are going to do. I have to attend my brother’s memorial services in Florida in April, so we will be going down to Florida after all. By RV. Darn the cost of gas. We have enough time to save up to pay the difference. Plus, I will probably reschedule taking that cruise with my sister in the spring. Hopefully, things with covid may have improved by then. Or maybe we’ll all be dead. That’s a new way I’ve been thinking lately. Who knows what our futures will be? Best to enjoy the day and forget about the future.

The other day, while I was sitting in my living room, watching the news and feeling sorry for myself and the havoc this coronavirus has done to my life, I had a revelation. I said to myself: Cindi! Take a good look at yourself! You’re sitting here in your living room, feeling nice and cozy and warm thanks to your new pellet stove, you’re sitting on your new eight foot couch, watching TV using your new ROKU (which BTW is fantastic! I can’t believe all the free stuff I can watch with this little streaming device) what the heck do you have to feel down about? You have a place to live, food on the table and clothes to wear! The rest is just noise!!

This was my view when I had my revelation:

I’m happy staying home. I’m happy in my little bubble. The world outside will just have to spin around without me for right now. I’m safe. I’m healthy and so is the rest of my remaining family. I’m kinda strapped for money right now because I just had to pay so many bills that came up in the month of December. I don’t have enough cash to buy my own husband a Christmas present. But so what? So, so what? Since we’re going to be home this winter I noticed my husband doesn’t have anything warm to wear (like a sweater or a hoodie). I’d love to put something under the tree for him right now but it’ll have to wait. He and I never exchange gifts anyway but I just thought it would have been nice to put something under our tree.

Is this a good time to travel? For me right now, no. No, it isn’t. But it will be come spring.

God willing.

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