I gave my choice of being honest about my current financial status a lot of thought. I could be like most people I know and proclaim that things are fine and dandy while trying to hold onto a straight face. Do you think people will know I am lying? Will they know the truth? Perhaps if I say it enough, they’ll believe me? Maybe I’ll even believe it myself. What did they used to say: you got to fake it till you make it? Did they account for a once in a 30 year history of unexpectantly finding oneself living in super inflationary times while silently watching the whole world fall apart?

If I try to keep a stiff upper lip, or proclaim I’m aware of the news but it has no effect on me, do you think I’ll be taken seriously? Or should I make the best of it and never let anyone see me weak or regretful? Never let them see you sweat. Really? If I did decide to do that, whose life would I be improving? Certainly not mine. And certainly no one else’s. Because all of us, deep down inside knows the truth. Regardless if we want to talk about it or not. It’s real and it’s here. It’s not transitory. It’s not going away. We all have to learn a new way of living. We can not go on the way we used to go on. Oh! You can try but eventually you’ll come to the same conclusion. Your life has to change if you want to survive.

It’s survival now. Once you make that connection, everything starts to make sense and you now have a purpose. I’m going to move onward from discussing inflation any much further. We all know we are headed for a financial collapse. We all know our banks are going to be affected. We all know the stock market is going to dump some day soon. We all know that it’s just a matter of time. So why are we worrying or dealing with this notion? Why don’t we accept the horrific news, know that Jesus Christ is not coming to save us and the earth is not coming to an end.

Instead, I think this whole Planet Earth is coming to a correction. We all have to admit that the world is upside down now. Right is wrong. Wrong is right. Up is down. And down is up. What we are also seeing, quite clearly each and every day is that those who have been most corrupt are finally getting ‘their day’. I won’t name names but ‘they’ are being exposed for who they really were and how well they hid it from us masses.

If you woke up this morning, that was a message from God. He’s giving you another day to enjoy. Another day to make a difference. Another day to get it right. And most importantly He’s giving you another day to live and enjoy. And that’s exactly what I am going to do. I’m done with worrying. I’m done with finding solutions. I’m just going to get up each and every morning (God willing) and simply enjoy the day. Period. That’s it.

We need to be kind to each other now. We need to take care of each other now. We need each other more than we ever did before. DH and I received three gifts from our neighbors this week. After living here for 21 years, this is the first time we ever got a card or a gift back from our neighbors. (I tried years ago to be Christmas-friendly but gave up after 2 years of non-responses) The three gifts were: home-made cookies our next door’s four children baked, a gift box from Omaha steaks and a gift card to Aldi (because they knew we loved that store so much!). Every gift was a much needed item in our lives. The cookies were delish, the Omaha steak burgers divine (including their caramel apple tart pictured below) and the Aldi gift card a lifesaver. We have lots of guests coming over this holiday season and they’re going to get hungry eventually.

Be kind.

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